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One you don't expect

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avatar DragonHearted_
Level 7 : Apprentice Artist
Hello, here's some new work of mine!
This is a story that just came random out of my mind when I was drawing, and I tried to make it sad.....

The main character is Stef. He lives in World War III, wich nobody expected. It was a cold Christmas when the first deaths fell.
Now it's May, and Stef needs to make his way through the things the War brought with it, together with his best friend. He lost his little sister, and his father works in an dangerous factory.
What can Stef do to survive, and how long will the War last?


This is the first day, I first make chapter one to see how you people like it or not. It's bad English I'm sorry ;)
Chapter I- Christmas brought war
"No! That's mine!" Jake tried to pick up the bread, but Stef was faster. "I'm sorry mate, but I need to have food too. It's a wonder we háve food, so don't lie and say you already have two pieces." Jake sighed. He knows he can't win from Stef, so he sat down to a lonely large piece of brick. Stef sat down next to him, and began to eat his bread. It was odd silence in, what was a city first but was now a ruine. "We need to get out of here, isn't it." Said Jake. Stef nodded, he felt he couldn't live in this war any longer. "But we still don't know how long the war will last, and I doubt it is over soon. So just try to make the best of the things we have now!" Now it was Jake who nodded. "The Noura's are silent now, so we don't have to hide. What should we do?" Jake asked. "Hmm," said Stef, "I think it's better to get to a hiding place, I think the Noura's will come soon, and I don't want to be an schoot target in the midst of this open field." Jake nodded, and they began to walk. Evreywhere they look, they saw houses wich were still burning and large buildings were nothing more than a small pile of rubble. Yes, we don't know when the Noura's come... thought Jake. After a couple of minutes they found a small hole in the ground. "Here it is!" Said Stef proudly. He had perfectly remembererd where the secret base was. "Buetiful." Said Jack. Stef jumped in the hole, followed by a doubting Jake. In the hole was something you would have expected, two small chairs and one bed made of leaves and wood. "We are the only ones now, but I think mom would come soon." Said Stef. "Eh, my mom I mean." He said fast. Jake has lost his mother in the war. Jake sat down on the bed, and Stef on one of the chairs.

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