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avatar amber_the_DRAGON
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
WARNING : this is a spoiler to the REAL game Undertale and if you are getting the game I recommend you don't look at this.
Hope you Enjoy!

Story 1: Amber & Undyne's Attack In Undertale (Fanfic)
Characters: Amber: Appearance: Brown hair and Armor like Undyne's Normal human peach skin(no picture). Undyne: Appearance: Blue scales and red lines on her ears Red hair in a ponytail With strong iron armor and 1 yellow eye and 1 fully black eye. Frisk: Short Brown hair and a tan skin with a purple and blue striped shirt. Story: Frisk walks into undyne battle area.
Amber: Well well looks like we have ourselves a playmate hehehehehehehe! Undyne: Oh come on a little we-
Frisk: OH COME ON! Amber: Don't even say it. At least theirs a kid. Undyne: your right. Frisk: hey monster kid! Amber: He's not coming. Undyne and Amber jump down and battle Frisk. Frisk: I'm dead. THE END XD

WIP sorry!

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