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Pixel artist need more love from Pmc

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avatar dinosaurs_go_rawr
Level 30 : Artisan Dragon
hi this si my first blog :)

I been looking on pmc and noticed something that is so wrong ,There are skins even if there rubbish get more views and diamonds then pixel art for egzample

This skin i found has 57 diamonds and over 27 downloads so basic nothing good about it just a plain Enderman skin witch properly took maybe 3 minutes are less to make it has that many views. and there are other skins maybe they have like maybe a few crappy skins but there level 14 where a pixel artist may have 10 plus good pixel art and there still at lv 7.


This is crap its a Enderman it properly took 2 minutes to make and it has alot of views,Come on there is better skinners out there jut like pixel artist's who need the love but this deserves to get no views.

Ok now this is a pixel art i admire


Glados- portal made by Rav3nHat Please go visit her awesome pixel art

SHe made this in 3 hours he worked hard on it and it looks awesome so much detail you can tell it was made by hand. then i look at the views i was shocked how little support pixel artists get compaired to skinners, they spend less time then pixel artists but get more support.

This community is still likening crappy skins that has no care are Attention put into it. there is fake pixel art out there but support the real art read this to tell the fakes from the real- (http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/how-to-tell-between-fake-and-real-pixel-art/)

Come on pmc get your fingers out of your backsides and Start support pixel artists that spend maybe 3-5 hours plus making a pixel art just to get some satisfaction that people on here will appreciated there work and diamond it.

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egzample example
Herpaderp, I'm also a girl. So if you could possibly change that on the post, that'd be great. ^^
Sorry i changed it :)
I'm a angry person and this point matters! >:C

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