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Level 98 : Overlord Cake
This interview was featured in the PMC Weekly Volume 107! In this volume, we interviewed Violet!

Violet has been a member of Planet Minecraft for quite some time and has reached level 73 and are classified as a "Legendary Witch!". Violet has participated in several Community Events and has a variety of
submissions ranging from skins, to art blogs, and even a mod with nearly 25,000 downloads! Violet certainly lives up to their Legendary title, having been around for nearly 8 years! We hope you enjoy reading this interview with them!

Check out their latest 3 skins:
Smile for Me - Parsley Botch Minecraft SkinSmile for Me - Kamal Bora Minecraft SkinSmile for Me - Dr. Habit Minecraft Skin

And some of their 3D Modeling!

1) Thank you for agreeing to an interview! We noticed you started creating skins again after 2 months, and seems you’ve been intermittently making submissions on and off over the years. What keeps you coming back to PMC? What inspires you to start creating again?

Thank you for the opportunity!

I'm just about always working on something, whether it be skins, models, builds or something else. Even when I'm not actively posting, I visit the site daily! It's always just a matter of time until I make something suitable to post here.

PMC has always been 'the' go-to in my mind for seeing what people in the community are working on. No other place has the organization, the membership, the kindness, etc; as well as more novel things like the seasonal events or leveling.

My inspiration comes largely from the community around me, with such a large host of talented people, I'd be hard-pressed to not find at least one person whose work inspires me at a given moment.

I also find inspiration in the things I enjoy! The shows I watch, music I listen to, games I play; I absolutely love making fanart and similar things based on the media I love.

2) You had a very popular Minecraft Mod, Steve’s Universe, that was submitted 6 years ago. You indicate the coder of the project left so the mod therefore has not been updated. Do you have any plans to start this project back up again with a new team?

It serves to never say never in regards to old projects returning, but the mod unfortunately looks to stay in permanent limbo. If I met/formed a team who were interested however, I would love to revive the mod in a new form!

Steve's Universe - Steven Universe Mod (1.7.10) Minecraft Mod
3) You were the primary 3D modeler for this project; in fact, you state in this blog from last year that you’ve been modeling for about 7 years (8 years probably now). How did you get into modeling? What modeling software do you use?

Getting into modeling was a strangely linear path for me! I began making skins in late 2014 after being inspired by a few friends; from there I began trying out resource pack work, and then modeling followed soon after, being inspired by a past friend. It quickly cemented itself as my go-to, and I've never stopped modeling since!

Its diversity of expression has allowed me to try so many different styles and forms, and I find endless enjoyment in experimenting with what I can make. I initially used Techne from 2014 to about 2019, but have adopted Blockbench as my program of choice in the past few years. I would heavily, heavily recommend it to anyone wanting to look into Minecraft modeling!

4) What projects or 3D models are you currently working on?

I jump from project to project quite frequently, lately I’ve been doing a lot of character models; some of which I’ve put in my modeling blog on my profile!

5) Are you hoping to make a career out of 3D Modeling?

Absolutely! It has been my favorite artform to work in for years, and as I have gained experience and knowledge, the path to it becoming a full career has become clearer and clearer.

6) Fairly recently you released your BioShock Pack which indicated is about 25% complete. Are you still working on this pack and planning to update it any time soon?

I've not done active work on it for some time, but I fully intend to update it soon enough! I keep an outline of everything I'd like to add, and as soon as I feel ready I will begin on the next update.

7) You’ve been a member of PMC for quite some time. Over the years you’ve seen people come and go. Is there any member from the past that’s had an impact on your Minecraft journey such as creating skins or 3D modeling?

In a community filled with such talented people as this one, there's never been a shortage of people who have inspired me over the years, a very small selection of those are:

Endermanne, whose high-quality work was a large inspiration to me when I began making skins.
Dutch_Emperor, who had such a unique skin-making style that I still love and draw inspiration from.
shinadafan2012, a still-active skin-maker, who has been doing excellent work for years, and I've looked up to their work for quite some time.
ranafangirl, a good friend of mine, has been doing incredibly great work for ages. She's also recently returned to the site after an extended absence, and has been posting a whole host of excellent projects since then.

8) If you could be a character in any of your favorite shows, which one would it be and what sort of character would you play?

I find that I relate quite a lot to Lake from Infinity Train. They are shown to be someone who fights for everyone to make their own choices, something I can only aspire to; and their journey of discovering and asserting their identity is something that really resonated with me.

9) What other games do you enjoy playing besides Minecraft?

I really enjoy Team Fortress 2, and the BioShock series! (No points for guessing that one).

Outside of those mainstays, I've also been playing more indie games like Night in the Woods, Smile for Me, and Celeste as of late, all of which being games I've loved.

10) What music do you enjoy listening to?

I like just about every form, but genres like death metal have been very common in my listening habits lately (Shoutout to Dethklok!). Bands that don't stick to one style are also favorites of mine; ones like Ween and King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard especially.

Bands with more out-there styles are also really fun; Ed the Dog and Winona Forever are particular favorites of mine for that reason.

11) ...is your favorite color Violet?!

It is, though I also really enjoy deeper blues!

12) Anything you’d like to add?

I’m so pleased to have been picked for this interview, and I’d like to give a sincere thank you to PMC for the years I’ve spent in this kind and talented community.

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