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Level 26 : Expert Dragonborn
Dear all

Hay guys! i have recently notices that surrounding the amazing projects that some very special and talented people are producing there is a lot of rubbish being posted that quite frankly is just not wanted or needed! so i have decided to concentrate on the special and talented ones! the others can get stuffed!

i do not pretend to be a talented moder builder or texture pack creator, but over the years i have fun out that i have an incredibly overactive mind! so i want everyone else to have a pice of it and hopefully replicate it in the beautiful game (minecraft)

Mod / Plugin Ideas:

A very simple version of Multiverse! i have struggled with this plugin and still do not understand it, therefor we need a simplistic plugin thad dose nothing else than allow a server to load two worlds and allow you to travel between them without any trouble.

Project Ideas:

using the new hight limit, very large trees. i don't mean pathetic little things i mean trees of epic proportions! sound simple and probably is but there is nothing more enjoyable than a treehouse!

Egypt. or egyptian stilled builds, with the upcoming 1.3 update and the much awaited sandstone stairs this build should work perfectly. i admit fyreuk attempted something similar and they did a fantastic job but sadly it did no come out for release. i understand that this is to maintain there exclusive server but we (the minecraft community) need one of our own! i tried this but it was not up to the standard, we need our great builders of PMC to take up the challenge!

a map very similar to the Fyreuk "Red Rock City" i was blown away by the size and standard of this build and therefor think that we need one of these too!

i have listed a few ideas here but wee still need more! let me know in the comments below and they will be added. thank you for your time.

Good day

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