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Redstone Basics

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Introduction to Redstone

Redstone is the Minecraft equivalent of electricity; it can be used to create incredibly complex circuits, but most of that is beyond the scope of this site.

Here is what you need to know for basic redstone work; after that you're on your own.

Redstone Wire

Redstone wire: powered and unpowered.

Principles of Redstone Engineering

Redstone is all about 'power' o you can think of it as being a bit like electricity. Redstone power comes from a power source, and can be transmitted to devices which will then do something in response.

Powered blocks

A block that is receiving power from a source is said to be powered. If a block is powered, that means it will in turn provide power to devices in blocks adjacent to it. Transparent blocks, such as glass, can not be powered, but opaque blocks such as stone, cobblestone, dirt and wool can. Powered blocks don't look any different than unpowered ones.

Power Sources

Power sources can provide power to devices, redstone wire, or blocks (including the block of air that contains them).

Redstone Torches

A redstone torch delivers power to the block of air in which it is contained, and to a solid block above it if one is present.

Levers and buttons

These deliver power to the blocks to which they are attached as well as powering the block in which they are contained.

Pressure plates and detector rails

These deliver power to the block on which they are placed as well as the block in which they are contained.

Redstone Devices

These are objects that are activated by being adjacent to a powered block, or at the end of a redstone wire.

Devices that can be activated include doors, pistons, dispensers, note blocks, and minecart rails.

Transmitting power: Redstone wire

Redstone wire is used to transmit power from place to place, just like electrical wire. It becomes powered by being adjacent to a powered block (ie a block containing or powered by a power source). The redstone wire in turn provides power to the blocks on which it is placed. It also delivers power to the block at the end of the wire, but see "weak and strong power" below.
Power can be transmitted up to 15 blocks by redstone wire; a repeater will allow the current to travel further.
Redstone wire is formed by placing redstone dust on top of blocks. Redstone wire can form connections to blocks that are one level higher or lower.

Redstone torches

Redstone torches are a handy source of power, but also have other useful properties. If a redstone torch is attached a powered block, the torch will be switched off. This has the property of inverting a signal, and this inverter behaviour is the basis of advanced electronics circuits such as logic gates.

Redstone repeaters

Repeaters are used to extend a redstone signal beyond 15 blocks. They can also be used to introduce a delay - this is configurable by right-clicking the repeater after placing it.
Repeaters are directional - there is a little arrow on the base after the repeater is placed.
Repeaters provide power to adjacent blocks in the direction of the arrow.

Weak and strong power

This concept is slightly more complocated but quite important. If a block is powered by a switch, a torch or a repeater, it gets "strong" power. If the block is powered by current delivered along a redstone wire it gets "weak" power. Either kind of power is enough to activate adjacent devices, but only strong power can be transmitted to redstone wire.

If you want to transmit strong power to a block, place a repeater at the end of the wire.

Advanced Topics

A good place to start is the Minecraft Wiki.

Crafting Guide

Basic elements

Redstone Torch

redstone torch

Redstone Repeater

Smooth stone, not cobblestone. You make that by baking cobblestone in a furnace.

redstone repeater



This is your standard On/Off switch, made from a stick and cobblestone.


Stone Button

Pushing the button causes a pulse of power.


Pressure Plates

These can be stone or wood. The stone one is only activated by a player or mob standing on it; the wooden one can also be activated by an object.




These are some of the things that can be activated by redstone signals.


These can be wooden or metal. Metal doors can only be opened with a redstone signal; wooden doors can also be opened by hand.




These give blocks a push.

Minecraft Piston

Add a slimeball to make a sticky piston; these can also pull blocks towards them. Slimeballs are obtained by killing slimes, which you can encounter by mining to levels just above bedrock



This goes BANG! It's made from sand and gunpowder (obtained from deceased creepers).



These containers discharge their contents when triggered - use them to fire arrows or fling eggs or snowballs.


Note Blocks

These play musical notes, depending on their tuning (right click to tune) and the substance on which they are placed.


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