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Redstone... More Depressing Than Tax

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xi5N1PERzZxL's Avatar xi5N1PERzZxL
Level 17 : Journeyman Cake
MAIN Part: Hi my names Jason or Neox as some call me today i am going to talk about Redstone the addictive drug that some cant get. Today i spent about 15 hours doing redstone stuff and everytime i finished it messed up! :( I broke down on the last thing no matter how simple it is some cannot do it my brother Dylan or Scooty as some call him is a BO$$ at redstone and i only know how to make a staircase up not down, the closest thing to good i call is my moving crafting table that opens to a secret S.M.A.R.T Furnace hub. Its not fun sucking at redstone so what i advise is that everybody who is not good at redstone get a redstone partner if on servers. And remember everybody has their own perks in redstone maybe your a great builder or pixelarter or redstoner of even more! All im trying to say is dont be stressed up about if you cant do a thing remember always you can do something they cant do!

Sorry this was a short blog but diamond for more

Neox Out!

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