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REDSTONE Schematics

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Ashton Keith avatar Ashton Keith
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
If you wanna be the best engineer/electrician then sign up and enter the REDSTONE Championships. All are welcome as an engineer and I will choose the worst and then he will jugde 3 losers then they'll be the judges and so on. It will all leed up to the final five.

To sign up do these instructions:
  • Create something useful and impressive
  • Post it on Planet Minecraft
  • Name it REDSTONE Scematics
  • Get atleast 3 diamonds on it
  • Update/Improve the best you can
  • Add decor
  • Complete before time runs out
  • Put a use in the description

Please join before September 20

Judging starts on October 1

Please cover all redstone to make the creation themed or natural

If you do not follow all of the rules or you will be disqualified.

Good Luck!

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09/02/2012 3:13 pm
Level 41 : Master Modder
Tainz avatar
Can you extend the entry limit?
09/02/2012 4:44 pm
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
Ashton Keith
Ashton Keith avatar
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