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Review: Minecraft comes alive

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avatar LightNinja237
Level 22 : Expert Warrior
Minecraft comes alive in one of my favorite mods when it comes to minecraft. It stops those stupid squidward npc's and transforms them into new and improved npc's which you can get married have kids and give your spouse random stuff you don't need i mean come on I gave someone seed and they said ooh i love these. you can also choose your kids to do chores. I try not to mostly cause my favorite daughter died while hunting :( anyway you can even make other npc's to get married by making two follow you and gift them with the silver ring heres what I did with my daughter christine.
Me:*takes her and some random guy to follow her*
Me: *right clicks daughter with silver ring*
Daughter: "You're getting me married?"
Me: Your darn right I am biotch!!!
Me:*gives other guy ring*
Guy: "Oh I hope its Sarah!"
Me: Biotch you're gettin married to my daughter!
Me: *pushes them into a hole and covers it with dirt*
Me: Now make out or I'll push you into lava!!! >:D
lol I had fun with this mod and I hope you can too.
Best of wishes...
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