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[OVER] Server Restart Program

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The Server Restart Program ...
... for the Diamond Gamecraft Server!

Coming August 1st, 2012!

What is this???
Well, 1.3 is going to come out hopefully on August 1st, 2012. So, why should my server continue to have the same map it has been having for the last 8 months? This is a program that me and two other future Admins (on my server) will be working on to reopen / restart the Diamond Gamecraft Server (DG) from level one.

New Main World!
Using the plugin Terrain Control, I will be making a customized world which is all desert. Within the desert will be oases which will be rare finds. This also means a new spawn!
Progress: 95%

New Game World!
What is any Gamecraft server without a place to game! Me and one of the other new Admins have been working on this Game World. It has MobArenas, Spleef Arenas, PvP Arenas, and even Parkour Courses with and even a minigame involving TnT.
Progress: 90%

Plugins and Rules Redone!
Of course with a new server comes new plugins!

bPermissions and EcoCreature Rewritten:
With different worlds, money rewards and commands can't be the same everywhere. You shouldn't have the same permission everywhere! Therefore, I will be rewriting the permissions and rewards for almost every world.
Progress: 95%
TestqUiz Re-coded:
I coded a testing plugin a while back. With the new update, when you pass the spawn test, you will be ranked up from Immigrant to a Citizen. Much more anti-cheating will be coded in too. :)
Progress: 99%

We have a medal system on the server. Medals will be a number that appear before a player's rank (number=amount of medals). The thing is, me, nor the other Admins, want to find a player's prefix and change 1 single number. Instead, we can do that with one command! Typing 2 words awards a player one medal (and saves it to a file)! Much easier now!
Progress: 100%

Towny (and it's extensions):
At the moment, we have Towny which allows us to have towns. In the wilderness (outside a town), griefers may grief, PvPers may kill. The new server will not have Towny. Instead, we will sell WorldGuard protection (with in-game money).
Right now, we use WeatherRestrictions to prevent ice, snow, and other types of weather from appearing. With the new map, that won't be necessary. When is the last time you have seen ice, snow, or even rain in a desert? :)
Time to loosen up a little. The server has a strict no swearing rule. When the restart becomes active, we will allow swearing (as long as it is not abused or excessively used). No swearing is still encouraged!
You must love exploring, but right now, you can't. The world boundaries prevent you from doing it. With many plugins, exploring tends to lag the server. Not anymore! With lag down to a minimum, you will be able to explore endlessly.
The new world is supposed to be a challenge. It should be your loss that you ran out of saplings, or have no more trees to grow. TreeAssist won't come with us into the new world and auto re-plant your saplings. :(

Well, with PTweaks, Terrain Control, less plugins, 3 1/2 gigs of RAM dedicated, lag will be down to an absolute minimum. Now that there is almost no lag, and Terrain Control generates the entire world once, exploring will be opened!

Admin, Owner, Programing (website and plugins), Managing, Configuring Plugins
Future Admin, Image Editing, Ideas/Assistance
Future Admin, Building, Ideas/Assistance

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : 07/30/2012 9:04:17 amJul 30th, 2012

+ Completely finished coding TestqUiz ... but it is waiting for the 1.3 update just incase any Craftbukkit API changes!
+ ecoCreature know has all Mob rewards ... but it is waiting for the 1.3 update just incase anything is changed.
+ bPermissions is pretty much done. There might be a few permissions added here and there.

+ All plugins except for one is installed.

07/27/2012 4:50 pm
Level 22 : Expert Toast
Why is this in projects?
It is supposed to be in blogs or servers...
07/27/2012 8:31 pm
Level 40 : Master Droid
I'm completely redoing the server I already have. There is work I have to do to create a new server!
It wouldn't make sense if this was a server ... because it isn't a server. It is only its components.
It wouldn't make sense if it were a blog ... because it isn't a story, etc.
It should be a project ... because I'm working on creating components for something!
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