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Shadow Island announcement!

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avatar NumberWonMonkey
Level 15 : Journeyman Engineer
For the past 3 years I have been working on and off this project. This is not only a massive castle with many labyrinths and rooms to explore but tons of weapons. Also I will release the final version of Doom 1993, I added amo, hitscan, new textures for the guns, and so much other stuff I can’t remember due to potato memory.

Light weapons: These have little cool down with decent damage

Heavy weapons: These have a long cool down with large amounts of damage.

Dual weapons: These have no cool down with small amounts of damage. (They also increases movement speed)

Each Catagory will amount to a total of 30 weapons. Meaning there is 10 weapons per category

Helmets: These will give you extra power/protection.

Armor: Protection :)


Throwing Knife: deals low damage but recharges quickly

Nether Reactor Crosses: These do 24 damage each but their projectile speed is slow. (You can throw 3 before recharging)

The Book of auto Spikening: This book can knockback enemies very far away.

The Sire of Evil: Summons Lightening upon all nearby enemies.

Holy Water: Creates a Cloud of chemicals that kill the undead

Bow: Deals damage from afar.

Musket: deals 48 damage a shot.

The Monster Killer: This is a whip that replaces the Primary slot. Deals 24 damage

Metor Launcher: This hasn’t been Added yet but it should be added by release.

Globe of Flames: Sets all Nearby enemies on fire.

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