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Silk Boots - Save your crops!

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avatar HDInfininty
Level 16 : Journeyman Engineer
Silk BootsTime and time again, farms are destroyed by accidentally stepping on soil, or running away from a monster. This can be quite a hassle for some, and having to crouch around to collect your wheat can be a tedious and boring task.

Silk boots would be an item that would allow you to walk freely on planted crops, and tilled dirt, without fear of it ruining the block. These boots would be made from 4 leather and 2 silk. Silk can be created by using 9 string in a crafting table.

Silk boots would not have the same durability of normal armor items. Instead of durability decreasing from falling or taking damage, durability would decrease based on distance walked. After you walked so many steps with them, the silk would 'deteriorate' and they would become leather boots.

Steps able to walk: 1024

What defines a step?
A step would be defined as the player travelling 1 meter (1 block). In the Nether, a step would defined as walking 8 meters, due to the 1:8 distance scale between Nether and World.

Silk boots would be 'enchant-able' with all normal armor enchantments for boots. The 'enchant-ability' would be that of leather boots. If your boots deteriorated while enchanted, the enchantment would carry over to your leather boots.

Crafting Recipe
(Simulated Crafting Table, X = Nothing Placed in that slot
[ String ] [ String ] [ String ]
[ String ] [ String ] [ String ]
[ String ] [ String ] [ String ]

Silk Boots:
[ Leather ] [ x ] [ Leather ]
[ Leather ] [ x ] [ Leather ]
[ Silk ] [ x ] [ Silk ]

Impact on Minecraft
Silk boots could benefit the game greatly, by giving players free roam over planted crops, without fear of ruining anything planted. This would not ruin farming for the game, but make the task of collecting and replanting quicker so that you can get on with your day doing other things. The impact Silk Boots would have on Minecraft could be very beneficial.

The introduction of the Silk item, could have a much bigger impact on the game. Being a diverse item, it could be used in various crafting recipes, and used in new items in the future.

12/08/2012 4:46 pm
Level 40 : Master Button Pusher
I like how you point out everything necessary, but I'd like to see more visuals, text format, etc.
12/08/2012 2:11 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
Crops are only destroyed when you jump on them now
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