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Skeleton Rig [Blender]

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Oaris avatar Oaris
Level 42 : Master Slime Tamer
Hello recently i got into animations, so i did some research and found a open source software called Blender. well shortly after that I discovered that i suck at modeling any realistic characters so i thought why not make a minecraft animation. I am always trying to update to add anything I find, only problem with this is i have no real goal. There for the progress bar will always be set to 100% complete.


- IK rigging for creating simpler animations
- Full facial features including, eyes, mouth, jaw, and more
- Ridged Bends
- Dynamic Face GUIs


Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, I will attempt to answer any questions you guys ask, and let me know if you would like anything added or changed or if you want another rig something in the game. thanks :D

Enjoy Your New Skeleton

Additional Notes

You are free to use this in anything you would like, but if you use this in a video you MUST supply a link to it in the description, or one in the video itself you are not required to do both.

Do not claim it as your own

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02/17/2017 9:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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where tf is the download button?
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