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Skin modification ideas [contest] [11th]

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First off I am not much of a blogger so this is something different for me (yes I know I just recently uploaded my shading tutorial blog). I am attempting to get pictures where I can.


As a skinner myself I have many suggestions for how skins should work/be changed. Personally I would like to see asymmetrical skins to be implemented.

Well being restricted to having the arms and legs mirrored prevents you from being able to have one injured arm, you have to have both arms injured, this gets annoying to find a way around it. imagine all the possibilities with asymmetrical skins.
I cannot get a picture of an asymmetrical skin so I wont be having a picture here, so here is a skin the I have had to change a little due to symmetrical skins: My most recent Deadpool skin

Well the game models would need to be changed so that it supports asymmetrical skins, this also means that the skin template would need to be expanded. This may take time to alter as a few of the mob models and skin templates would need to be altered for example the Enderdragon and ghasts, imagine and Enderdragon with both wings being different or a ghast where all their tentacles look different, Dollars has brought up a good point, asymmetrical skins would break current and pre-existing skins, however it would be an easy fix, just copy over the legs and arms and mirror them.
EnderDragon and Ghast (think aobut the wings and tentacles):

This would provide skinners with opportunities at making a skin of Deadpool (of course) with his one bandolier on his right leg. Things like being unable to give a character one of something kind of annoys me.
Being able to make this would be awesome:

Thanks to Devil_in_Person for pointing out that asymmetrical skins might be added in the future, ily Devil <3



Another addition I would like to see is full HD skin support in vanilla. I know that HD skins take much longer to make than an ordinary resolution skin and that is what makes them much better than normal resolution skins.

As HD skins are very detailed if done correctly, they end up being popular. There are many talented HD skinners out there for example Emperor_Doom and Plyr_783 and I am sure that they would like their skins to be compatible with vanilla Minecraft.
Here is one that I was working on but kinda gave up on. Having support for this in vanilla would be awesome.

As I am not sure how this could be done, I am just going to take a guess on this one. To implement HD skin support you would have to overwrite the current support and add the files from the HD skin mod so that it can be part of vanilla minecraft. While having HD skins on could lag some people with bad computers, you could have a button added to the options menu where you can turn HD skins on or off, showing people with either the Steve skin or their last non-HD skin.
Not sure of a picture for this one :(

This would provide many people with more unique skins to use as you could have more pixels implemented into a certain area so you could have a personal symbol on your HD skin.
I might go make a symbol on a skin just for this so if I do expect a picture soon enough.



Another thing I would like to see added into vanilla minecraft is custom capes. Now I know that there are a lot of cape mods out there but I mean to add custom capes into vanilla mc.

Well having custom capes would mean player could start up a clan and share their capes around like a skin can be shared around. Custom capes could also be used to show off how good you are with designing and shading things that are related to skins.

Well Mojang would have to figure out how to stop people from getting Minecon capes this way, I suggest a filter. Filter the capes that are the same as the Minecon capes and remove them from where they have been uploaded or they could have it so you can register your clan, then the capes get made by the clan leader and uploaded then filtered (or have a report system like here on PMC) then those that either resemble a mojang/minecon/already in use cape get removed or hidden and unable to be used.
This is another section that I am not sure of for a picture.

As I said in the Why section, this would mean you could finally have your little minecraft clan capes. This would also show off peoples creativity.
For example this HD steampunk cape, it would be nice to have this in vanilla and for people to see on servers.
Thanks to thema5kedbandit DinowCookie (the skin is being used by thema5kedbandit), Emerald0803, OliverFrenchie and Snowylips for their skins in the featured picture.

Thank you for taking your time to read this blog XD ily all <3

Also thank you too all of you who have given me some more ideas in the comments

Opinions appreciated.....
Diamonds and favs appreciated.....
Subs are always welcome.....

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Update #2 : by Yuki 12/07/2012 12:56:02 amDec 7th, 2012

Dollars has brought up a good point to me so I added his statement and provided a way to fix this, also added some suggestions from the comments into the capes section

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01/20/2014 1:42 pm
Level 25 : Expert Button Pusher
ExJx's Avatar
I think that if you were to have a custom cape it should have to be for your clan and that you would have to make it and send it in to mojang to have it checked to see if it is not a mincon copy, then mojang would let you wear that cape,but if your clan wants to wear it they have to put in a password that you set, that way no one else would be able to wear it.
02/19/2013 6:31 pm
Level 24 : Expert Unicorn
CamoKid's Avatar
i was happy with your idead, until i read custom capes. CUSTOM capes should not be in the vanilla game. capes are for people who deserved it or went to minecon, capes show that your are an elite player, i think it should stay that way.
08/10/2013 8:14 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
Casperpro's Avatar
Totally disagree with you, Just because you have a cape it does not in any way show you are an elite player, it only shows you attend the minecraft events.
( Or i believe you can get a cape for $10 if you donate to optifine)

If your so sure, Then i'll give you a little challenge :>
01/13/2014 7:56 pm
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
Haydenjames's Avatar
Capserpro, I agree. Minecon? They should make it so you get it if you play Minecraft for a year or something. I can never make minecon, there hosting it in @#$%'@# random countries!
08/09/2013 3:17 pm
Level 1 : New Ranger
EvilSloth's Avatar
I agree. That's the only part I had a problem with as well.
02/09/2013 12:45 pm
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Modder
duke_Frans's Avatar
Making asymmetrical skins is easy (modding), its just the position of that specific texture path.
just needs to change a few numbers.
02/04/2013 7:44 pm
Level 28 : Expert Explorer
BUHU's Avatar
Asymmetrical skins. I searched 'How to make asymmetrical minecraft skins' 15 times without anything so I came here.
01/26/2013 10:37 pm
Level 21 : Expert Lumberjack
Aeons's Avatar
The capes would definitely be better in a bukkit plugin.
01/18/2013 3:31 am
Level 29 : Expert Network
Spyer2k's Avatar
I would think the cape thing would be easy, just code a filter for that skin but then people could change one pixel and it'd be hardly noticeable. ;/
01/17/2013 2:23 pm
Level 20 : Expert Pony
stickdude123's Avatar
The Cape Filtering idea is pretty nice, then again someone could make one little pixel different which would bypass the system. other then that they are all good ideas. *subbed* *faved* *Diamond*
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