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Skrull Invasion Mission Walkthrough [Infinity Heroes Server]

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avatar MrSerr
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This video is a walkthrough for the Skrull Invasion mission that Heroes can get by talking to Human Torch. The Skrulls have basically invaded Earth and the Fantastic 4 would need your help to put a stop to the invasion. Various heroes such as Spider-Man, Crystal, and Doctor Doom help out. The reason behind Batman and Green Arrow being included in such a Marvel themed mission is because in the main story arc for this server, Thanos has caused chaos throughout the multi-verse, causing universes to come together/split apart.

Some quick notes for players that just want to find some answers in this mission:

  • The password is -/\-
  • Spider-man (symbiote) 2099 is on a rooftop next to KFC, its has black wool and has wooden planks.
  • Alien technology can be bought at the second level of target or with the Superheroes unlimited mob (not the one at warp shopcorner) Stan Lee
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