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✧Sneak peek of new Maid+Butler models!✧

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DollEyedNurse's Avatar DollEyedNurse
Level 51 : Grandmaster Magical Boy
Hello! Today I will be reporting on part of our projects next big update.

It has been a productive month for us. A new programmer has joined us and I have been busy working on the new textures for the servants. In the LD BETA v1, the models that are currently available are only placeholders that will be replaced in the future and therefore the players will have an even bigger variety of options to choose for their companion's appearance.

We wanted to make better and improved models after the last ones I threw together. Since then, with the help of other project members, we were able to make new ones for the Default Maids+Butlers of Little Delicacies.

These models and their textures are a big deal for this mod! Since the look of your companion plays a big role apart from them helping you. I am excited to show you my progress in what will be available in the future of it so far.

Before I do any unveiling, please keep in mind these textures are still a work in progress. Meaning that they are not finished yet and I might have to change something in their appearance in the future. There are many more maids and butlers I have textured but they are not as complete or clean as the ones in the screenshots below, so, I will not be sharing any of them for now. I will only show the good ones, those that I liked the most.

After that disclaimer, here we go:

READ FULL STORY HERE - heckticcrafting.wixsite.com/littledelicacies/post/new-maid-butler-models-sneak-peak
CreditVOMS Beverly, 2ch

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07/14/2020 9:47 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
WackyEarth's Avatar
why is it blurred?
07/15/2020 8:19 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Magical Boy
DollEyedNurse's Avatar
It's like a mystery reveal thing, you have to go on my website to read the main info and see the pictures. Links are in the post.
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