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avatar Splinter199
Level 13 : Journeyman Dragon
Hi I'm Splinter199 and I'm going to be talking about one of the best servers that I know, Solarcraft.

Now I be your thinking I'm gonna talk about what they have built well they have built AMAZING things, but I want to talk about the people, I love the staff and everyone eles so I will tell you a little bit about when I started. Well when I started on Solarcraft I had absaloutly no idea what to do, so I went walking around a few MC days, then I decided to ask to live with someone I got an answer right away, and also started my journey about a week later I decided to move somewhere eles so again I askd to live with someone well I got an answer I moved in this condo and it was really nice aand I lived there for a long time I tried to help with giving ideas and fixing some stuff, thats when I started to get new friends about a month of playing on the server went by I started getting money making more friends and still tried helping people. One of my best friends on this server made a town so I saved up all my money, worked for people and I bought a house. Right now I own a restaurant and a house. I know it sounds cheesy but I have made tons of friends on this server and I havnt been to a server where I felt so welcomed but believe me if you go on Solarcraft you won't regret it take this to someone who has seen alot of things that they have achieved. Well I hope you try Solarcraft.

Server IP: play.solarcraft.me:25565

Solarcraft Forums: http://forum.solarcraft.me/index.php?sid=259e78ffb4815925516b348775f3f4af
CreditEveryone in Solarcraft
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