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Spooks With Yuri! The Closet.

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Level 14 : Journeyman Goblin
https://s22.postimg.cc/g3j9m9da9/spook.png Picture of Main characters! Theres The Weird Girl, (Grey) Jack, (Orange), and Lilly(Blue)! Sorry if it looks bad. By the way, I use Paint3D To draw, with a mouse! This is a fake spoopy story. It's called "The Closet" By...(drumroll please!) Me! PM me if someone has similar ideas. Let's get started! Also, do not take this story and add your own chapters. This is only chapter one, and I am adding more if you want. Do not take the story and make it different and claim it as yours. Same with my art blog, please! Alright, lets get spookied now! :D
By the way, Orange means Jack is texting/talking. Blue is Lilly texting/talking. Grey is ??? Talking. Black is just what is going on. Dark blue is Jack's mom texting/talking. Purple is Jack's dad texting/talking. Light green is Lilly's mom texting/talking. Dark green is Lilly's dad texting/talking.

The Closet.
By: whaleiyuri

Jack wakes up to the sound of his alarm going off. He gets up, and goes to turn it off, but he hears a "da-ding!" from his phone. He turns off his alarm and slowly walks over to his I-Phone. He unlocks his phone, and checks his messages. Lily Evergreen's picture has a red dot, and a white 1 on the top left side. Jack sighs, and goes into their text messages. He reads over what they last texted about. He sighs, and looks down at the new message. "This is urgent. It's nothing like me, but I need to put that shy me aside for now. I NEED to talk to you, and it won't be as serious through messaging. Come over to my house in 2 hours." Jack was confused. but he texted back. "Okay. If it's this important to miss a water gun fight, I guess I'll go." He put his phone down, and stared at the message she sent. "Urgent? I NEED to talk to you? This is crazy. What if she's insane and is putting me there so she can kill me? Lilly is 14, she would never do that. Stop being dramatic and get changed so you can eat breakfast!" Jack turned his phone off, and went to his dresser. He pulled out the middle drawer of all 3, and grabbed a blue T-Shirt and some dark blue jeans. He took his pajama's off, and put his other clothes on. He quickly swiped his phone and pushed the door open, walking out. "Come on, Jack-sweetie! Breakfast is ready, and it's your favorite! Waffles with banana's, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries on it, cut up!" Jack wanted to take it really slow, but he made a mad dash for the kitchen, Darn that yummy greatness. He sat down forcefully, grabbing the syrup and drowning the waffle and fruits in the sticky stuff. He picked up his fork and dug in, chowing down. He ate fast and loudly, and he got syrup on his face, along with chocolate from the chocolate-chip waffle. When he was done, he put the fork down and pushed it away from him. "Done with my food! Mom, can you drive me to Lilly's house in 2 hours?" He asked, talking fast from all the sugar. His mother laughed at him, bouncing up in down in his seat. "Of course I can! Also, it looks like you just had your first cup of coffee." His mother joked. "I did, actually! While you were listening to your music, getting ready to pour orange juice, I saw the coffee container sitting there. So I grabbed it, and switched the two! Seems like you were too tired that you didn't even notice. Plus, that coffee tasted great!" His mother gasped, but he shot up and darted to his room. He plopped on his bed, and then turned to his computer. He dashed to it, landing a hard land in the seat. He opened the computer lid forcefully, turning it on, eager. It said, "PLEASE WAIT. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER." But Jack was annoyed, and turned his computer off. He thought if he turned it off, and turned it back on, it would go away. When he turned it on, the message was there, so he needed to sit there for 1 minute. After some fun and games on the computer, it was time to go to Lilly's house. "Jack, get ready for Lilly's house! I need to drive you there in 10 minutes." Jack grabbed his phone, and went to his mom. "Ready!" He said. They both went to the car as Jack's father waved goodbye. They drove down Woodland Drive, and past down Oakwater Central. Finally they reached Lilly's house in Barkstop Avenue. They found Lilly's address, and parked the car. His mother waved goodbye and said, "I'll pick you up at 6!" Because they left at 4. Jack nodded and watched his mom drive away. He walked up to the door, about to knock, but his I-Phone vibrated. Lilly. She asked if he was there yet, so as an answer, he knocked on the door. He heard running footsteps, and Lilly appeared. Jack opened his mouth to say something, but Lilly shook her head no. She took his arm and ran into her room with him. She threw him on the bed, "You were almost late! Let me explain everything. Remember that time I was gone for 2 days?" Jack nodded. "Well, it was because of my CLOSET. Yes, my closet. Here's why. I learned that in my closet there's this weird little girl inside. She looks like a squid girl because she has tentacles. She took me inside, and wrapped me in some weird ink. While she was distracted, after hours, I managed to get free and escape. We are moving tomorrow, closer to you. Neighbors, actually! Let me go get you a drink, you must be exauhsted." Lilly walked off, leaving the door open. Jack leaned against her closet door, but it swung open from behind and Jack was pulled in. All you could hear was his muffled cries and screams for help out. A little gray girl standing in a corner was crying. Jack went up to her, forgetting what Lilly said. He put his hand out and said, "What's wrong? I'm Jack Raine. I can help you, just take my hand!" The girl turned around, and revealed that her face was covered in ink. Her skin was gray, and her hair was pitch black. Jack screamed, or tried, but nothing came out. The girl's eyes were covered by her bangs. But she lifted them to him. She revealed that she had no eyes, not even sockets. He backed up, but stumbled on something in the ground. She talked. "Lilly told you about me. You can't go running around telling everyone about this. So I shall murder you." Lilly got back, and when she heard Jack's muffled screams and cries. she dropped the water cup. She started crying, hard, banging on the closet door. She demanded, "Give me Jack back! Give me Jack back!" But the girl ignored her, Jack cried as the little girl wrapped him in this weird ink cacoon on the ground. She was busy with something else, so he thought he could break free, She heard ripping noises, and stretched a tentacle, wrapping him up. He cried and cried, screaming at the top of his lungs. Jack couldn't hear himself, only the outside world. Jack struggled, as she had not finished his hand. He looked around, and felt fingers. He felt the arm, and felt their outfit. It was..Lilly. Jack screamed and cried. It wasn't Lilly, it was.. a dead girl. He screamed, kicking and trying to get out.. But he couldn't. Lilly told her mom, and Lilly's mom told Jack's mom. Jack's mom bursted into tears, and she drove right over. She ran into the house, into Lilly's room, with her husband. They both stood at the door, but Jack's mom kneeled down infront of it. She screamed and cried, calling out her child's name, Jack screamed for help, and they heard him. They busted the doors down, shining flashlights everywhere. It was a normal closet. They cried and screamed and they called the cops. They moved shortly after, and Jack's Mom and Dad moved into Lilly's family and never spoke of Jack again. The house was torn down, and no proof that the girl even existed.

News Flash! Jack Brock Raine, 14 years old, corpse was found. While they were tearing down the house, his body was found cold, pale, and inky. No one knew how he died, except for his family. More coming soon, but weather. To you Bob.

THE END! That was it. Tell me if you like these kinda spoopy stories! If you do, comment below or PM me if I should do more. If you suggest one, do detail. Thanks!
CreditPaint3D For the Art

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Well written :)

Keep up the good work.
  • _Mercury_
  • Level 14
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  • June 14, 2018, 9:26 am
Heh, I always think News Flashes at the end of spoopi stories are scary.
vewy spoopy
and why does the ending remind me of "goose bumps"? XD

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