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♫ωнιsкεяs♫ Interview with Mudkip45

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avatar Snowy Whiskers
Level 34 : Artisan Artist
Sup guys. This is my newest interview with; dun dun dun...
MUDKIP45! Before we get started, you need to know....
I, Snowy Whiskers, am in red font.
I, the mudkip wizard, or Mudkip45, am in blue font.
Lets get started! (Pink font is a link)

Ello mudkip, lets get started shall we?
Okee dokee. So the topic is about my blogs?
Yup. Ok
ay the first question is
What got you into making blogs?
Well, i saw other people doing rants, what ifs, and all that good stuff. so i decided "How hard can it be?" And then I realized with after my First blog (a rant about Youtubes comment system) That i needed to be a bit more creative. So i then made my Dragon Ball AF blog and "How to stop Minecraft Abuse." I also liked writing stories, so i thought "this is a win win!"
Awesome :D ! the next questions from our viewers is How did you first find PMC?
To be honest, how i heard about it was, I was searching around google for minecraft stuff and this kept coming up. and so i decided "Maybe i will join and see some cool stuff." Nothing really too spectacular XD I also people talking about it on youtube and such.
Well, it's better than my story! C: Well anyways, How did you get into minecraft?
Well, first my cousin was talking about it, and with all  the parodies  out, it seemd kinda cool. but it wasn't until last year my good friend started saying how cool it was. So i scrapped up the money and bought it. Needless to say, i loved it XD
AWESOMESAUCE! I learned about minecraft from my bro... :I Whalezers (just bein weird here), What is your fav color?
Whales? Anyways, Sky blue or that Aqua blue in crayola boxes XD
Oh yay! Crayola! Somehow people always manage to talk about crayons these days... Hmm somehow that reminds meh- What is your favorite song/band?
My favorite song has to either be "Here without you" by  3 doors down, or "Country boy can survive" by Hank williams JR, or "Two old cats like us" By Hank Williams Jr. and Ray Charles. (quite a diverse taste of music i got XD)
Not as bad as me. My favorite type of music is alternative rock and then my friend finds me listening to slow country music... Cx Back on topic... Who inspired you to make blogs?
Well, it was a mixture of looking and reading, but if it was anyone in specific, it would have to beThatCobbleStoneGuy. His writing is so good! (So is yours Whiskers :D)
Why shmanks you :33 Yours is quite interesting and awesome too :D What inspired you to make blogs, by the way?
Well usually it is to either get my points across, while being as funny as i can, or telling the story the best way i can. So ya know... the "usuallll." And when i am ranting i try to get my rage across as Rage-filled as i can.
OMG WE ARE TWINS!!!! IN A WAY... Gotta make dose rants angry bro :33 Okaiii so besides me being weird, like always, I gotta ask the final question... all life depends on it..
man, this is a hard one. I think i have to go with the Mudkip. Sorry whiskers, me and mudkips just got history :)
*slowly dies on the inside* Oh well, people got dere opinions. But one day, you will see, that Magikarp can beat mudkips with splash!!!! (in my dreams)
Well thanks for the interview Snowy!!
Np bro.
THATS IT FOR TODAY! OR WHENEVER YOU'RE READING THIS! If you want an interview, post in the comments below why you would be good and what topic (skins, blogs, texture packs, projects, etc.) If you liked this interview...

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Thanks for reading!


1 reply

05/03/2014 10:24 pm
Level 27 : Expert Fisherman
Awesome! btw dat mudkip was awesome

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