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SSJ Goku Artwork/Drawing/Thing

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PKMNlegendJAMES's Avatar PKMNlegendJAMES
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For those that don't know me, first off hi - I'm James. Second off, I'm a big Dragon Ball fan. While I didn't grow up with it, I've been a fan of it for at least a good few years - although, I didn't get straight into Dragon Ball. A little series called DBZA helped me with that :3 - and since I was bored on Friday, I decided to do a focused drawing of SSJ Goku. I'm really impressed how it turned out, and who knows? I might do more of these in the future.

For now, enjoy this little piece of art I worked on, since if you keep calm you'll never be a Super Saiyan :3

Stage I

Stage II

Stage III

Stage IV

:D enjoy, and I'ma out
*instant transmissions*
CreditDB, DBZ and DBGT are owned by FUNimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV and Akira Toriyama. I do not hold the rights and claims of said shows

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