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Steve and the Enderdragon

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Once upon a time in the land of Minecraft, Steve spawned in the Forest. His first Instinct was to look around to be sure it was safe. Once done he walked over to an oak tree and punched it down and began his journey by first building a house. Once he finished the three story paradise he set out for wool to create a bed. However what is about to happen to poor Steve will not be a good thing at all. So he walked a mile until he found sheep, but he also saw a ravine and peeked in. When all of a sudden he was falling in! He looked up in time to see that a sheep and pushed him in! From that day forward Steve swore revenge on sheep kind! However what he was going to do to the sheep would not only cause catastrophe, but would seal his fate of meeting face to face with Enderdragon! So when Steve got back to his house he prepared for mining and found a cave with ease! He went in and did not come out for 3 days! Starving, and limping Steve came out of the cave with not only a broken arm, but enough diamonds for armor and equipment! He then set out to find sheeps! When he did he killed everyone there was to kill! He killed so many they had to be put on the Endangered species list of Minecraft! When he was about to slay another and Endermen appeared before him with a book! Steve quickly started to slay him when Endermen spoke these words, "Steve you have committed a crime so utterly terrifying that even the great dragon is in utter disbelief! So you are herby stripped of your diamond armor and banished into the never ending Strong Hold cells! Where you'll spend eternity there!" Steve was shocked and his armor taken from him! He was then knocked out! Endermen picked him up and took him to a Strong Hold far away and locked him in a cell! When Steve awoke he did not know where he was, but then he remembered it all! He was having flash backs of how he came into the world, as he was killed, and as he killed so many sheep! Steve was feeling guilty, when he remembered his encounter with Endermen. He recalled a book Endermen held. It was titled The key to finding Enderdragon! Steve stood up and looked down and saw the same book sitting before him! He heard a whisper saying, "You are indeed treated most unfair Steve...you were right to kill all those sheep!" Steve was starting to second guess his thought of being wrong when he appeared.....Herobrine! Herobrine spoke about Endermen and how they were working for the Enderdragon and would need to be destroyed! Steve knew Herobrine was wrong about the sheep, and he thought about it and came to the conclusion that the Enderdragon must go as Herobrine said. So he asked him of how to get to him and Herobrine only gave him 12 Eye of enders and left saying one word, "Book..." It echoed down the hall farther and farther. Steve remembered the book he had in his pocket and sat down and read. After a few hours he knew just what to do! He used and enderpearl he stole from Endermen and managed to throw it out of the cell teleporting him out! Freedom! Steve ran down the corridor and through the door and found a huge library! He went in and found lots of information about both the Enderdragon and Herobrine. He then went out and down to the other corridor to find and endless labyrinth of the Strong hold! After three months and reading when tired Steve finally not only read all the books, but found the end portal frame! He placed the eye of enders in the frame and the portal filled it in! Steve jumped in with one thing on his mind. Killing the Enderdragon! When he got there he saw what seemed to be a sea of Endermen and tall obsidian pillars with some power source at the top! Then he heard a groan and saw the dragon fly down to him. He dived and rolled twice to get out of the way! When he got his feet again he knew what to do. Steve pulled out his sword and bow he got from roaming around the strong hold. He then shot several arrows and when the dragon dived a second time Steve stabbed it in his head almost killing it! Then Enderdragon flew into the air and said, "Stop! Wait! You must be the one I've heard about You must leave at once and stop the true threat! That being named Herobrine is the one to be slayed not me. What I do is just to protect my soon to be hatchlings. You must stop him...." Those last words echoed through out the end three times! The dragon laid down with its eggs and went to sleep. Steve laydown next to it thinking about what should be done to stop Herobrine...


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Update #1 : by Strawberrypickle01 08/06/2013 3:37:32 pmAug 6th, 2013

Added information regarding the second part of the story!


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