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Steve The True Story: Book 4

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avatar tomix9tomix
Level 30 : Artisan Dragonborn
Steve was rebuilding his house for the 11th time! Steve's brother had tried to kill him as much as he could. He went into his watch tower and looked over the worked. ZZZZZ, Steve turned around and sliced the ender man! CRASH! He looked down, a zombie had kicked down his door. Steve jumped off and hit a circuital hit, and the zombie died. Steve went inside and put his door back up. He walked over to his book and quill and started writing, "Dear diary, its the 13th day since herobrine has been after me and that's a unlucky number. I hope i survive. I wish i never left Herobrine in the forest that day." Steve stopped writing and listened. He heard something on the roof? He climbed up the ladder and unlocked the hatch. He saw on his roof was a spider! But not only a spider, a spider jockey! The skeleton drew its bow and fired. Steve placed a block of dirt in front of him, just in time. The spider climbed over it and the skeleton had his bow drawn. sswoshhh. The arrow went into him. Steve left his sword in his chest! He was stuck on the edge of the roof. The skeleton shoot him off and he fell into a pack of hungry pigmen! He ran out of the pack with only half a heart. He ran back inside his house, but saw that it had no door! He went up stairs then broke them with his axe and turned around. But he saw that a creeper had beaten his upstairs with a pack of zombies! He went into his chest and got his sword, then slayed them all! After that he had some food before the spiders would come and kill him. He got his hearts back then jumped out of his window and saw a pack of wolves were waiting for him. He saw a light and went that way into the forest, but didn't expect to see a portal!!!! Steve ran in thinking it was the safest place he could be right now.

He entered the strange world full of lava and all sorts of hell. But the first thing he saw was a big white thing with tentaculs. It shot a fire ball at him and he hit it back with his sword. The thing came closer and Steve hit it with his Sword. It died, but the thing Steve found strange was that it cried...

Too Be Continued!
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