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Superflat Random/Biome Chunk Customization Idea

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I was playing around with superflat customization, and a glitch happened that accidently put the chunks of one type of preset with another one.

I thought, this would be perfect for map makers, to control this.

What is the idea?

What would happen is, you would put in the first preset, like this:
Posted Image

This is the standard superflat preset, with "decoration" added to the end of it. Then you would add another preset on to the end, with a ":" seperating them, like this:
Posted Image

The highlighted area, is the added part. The normal part of this added preset, on it's own, would generate the redstone ready preset. Using the above presets with the colon seperating them, Minecraft would generate the new terrain, randomly swithcing between the two different presets entered.

Another part of it could be a "Chunk Biome Generation" option, that would use the different presets to generate different biomes, allowing for much different worlds. For example, you could have a world that has stone biomes, nether biomes, and wool biomes.

If you are unsure about how the presets work currently, here is a good place to check.
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