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Sword Art Online rpg mod for 1.16.5

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Sword Art Online mod for 1.16.5

Hi guys

I am currently working on a Sword Art Online mod for 1.16.5

with some basic stuff like weapons, armors and enemies,

it will also have an rpg system.
The farther away you get from your world spawnpoint, the stronger mobs get.
You can level up from killing mobs and raise your statistics.

This will be my first mod so please don't expect the "mod of the year",

but i will try my best to create something good.

I hope you like it.

So here we go



    • Throwing pick

    • Small sword

    • Anneal blade

    • Blade of the frost steel

    • Dark repulser

    • Ebon dagger

    • Elucidator

    • Guilty thorn

    • Iron rapier

    • Karakurenai

    • Lambent light

    • Liberator

    • Mate chopper

    • Tyrant dragon

    • Bone axe (Illfangs weapon)

    • Nodachi (Illfangs weapon)


    • Blackwyrm coat

Other items:

    • Hp potion

Mobs (from floor 1):

    • Dire wolf

    • Frenzy boar

    • Little Nepenthes

    • Ruin Kobold Trooper

    • Ruin Kobold Sentinel

    • Illfang the Kobold Lord

    • Vendor (for new items)

Level Up System
Like i already said the mobs get stronger the farther you go from the starting point.
The experience that you get from them will increase too.
Above the mobs you will see a nameplate with Name, Hp and Level.

Currently for testing i created a new window for the players where they can level up their attributes like
strength, agility, dexterity, vitality, intelligence and luck.
Strength gives more damage
Vitality gives health points
The others are still not programmed to do anything.

If you have a good idea for these attributes please reply something.

And now here are some bad pictures so you can see where i am right now.

Ingame pictures

If you have any good ideas or thoughts for this mod feel free to comment it.
I know the mobs are not high quality.
They will be changed later.

This is a WIP mod and there are still no downloads for the mod, but i am very near to it.

Thank You For Your Time


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09/05/2021 8:00 pm
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la espada del cielo nocturno y la espalada de la rosa azul o en si la night sky y blue rose,trajes alicization y mobs
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