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Tekkit Review!!

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xbox guy avatar xbox guy
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
Hey guys so i was playing tekkit and trying it out
It is so fun guys try it out on http://www.technicpack.net/ check it out
But this is a review so i am going to give u a review
Well the tekkit is about being hi-tech it involes every day job factory guy
Imagine that u r a owner of a company u find a bunch of stuff to use
Alot of times u need to know how to play it so go to
That is a Yogscast tekkit playlist that will help u
I have made a company that really good but im not even done with everything yet
Try it out watch yogscast and u will understand it ok bros
Tekkit will probably trick ur mind and make u mad just give it time
U will find oil and turn that into fuel and u can make a bunch of stuff
Pipes r made by {wood}+{glass block}+{wood}= wooden pipesor transport pipes
Tekkit is about playing with hi-tech tools
P.S. it will say u r 6 versions late dont worry bout that until the next update for regular minecraft
if u r using Shapx txture pack that will be updated soon
Srry there is no pic of this but i will post one up later when i find a good one
So check out the links to Tekkit and Yogscast tekkit playlist
Leavea diamond and favorite plz thx for reading Bye
CreditXbox guy and tekkit

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01/06/2014 8:29 pm
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