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The 4 Elements idea.

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avatar Thelostlegend15
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
[img=]fire rune[/img]The Idea
I have an idea that would change Minecraft and here's how it works. Everybody knows that in Minecraft You can make tools out of 5 types of materials, Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, and Diamonds. What I want to do is Add elemental infusions onto your tools, For instance i have a diamond sword, and I combine it with a fire rune( i'll explain those later ). What would happen is it would become a fire sword, now i know what you're thinking,"But couldn't you just put fire aspect on it." Yes you could But this adds special abilities to it that For instance a fire rune would make it launch fireballs. Also to put a rune on a tool combine them in a crafting table.
Now let me explain what runes are. Basically when you're mining you come across a multi colored ore, that when broken gives a random type of rune. There are 4 types of runes, Fire, Ice, earth and wind. These runes can be put on almost any type of tool (not hoe's) and have different special abilities for each type of tool.
Ok let's start with The sword, a fire rune makes it shoot fireballs. An ice rune freezes mobs for 3 seconds each hit. An earth rune incases the enemy in dirt for 10 seconds therefor suffocating them. And last but not least a wind rune launches the mob/enemy 50 blocks in the air, killing them. Next is the pickaxe, a fire run makes it mine fire related blocks instantly and adds permanent fire rez. An ice run Does the same thing but with water related blocks and adds permanent water breathing. An earth rune makes the pickaxe mine dirt as fast as a shovel. And the wind rune doubles mining speed. Next the axe, the fire rune catches trees on fire and burns them down but yield all of the wood, An ice rune turns the tree to ice and breaks the tree in one hit yielding all resources. An earth rune gives the player the ability to uproot trees by hitting them and then destroys them yielding all resources. And last but not least the wind run Creates a tornado picking up all trees in a 50*50 area and throws them around, for fun. And finally the shovel, which has all the same attributes as the pickaxe. But there is one last thing...
The legendary Void Rune
Ahh Yes the void rune the most powerful of all To obtain it you must collect 2 of each run and a diamond block to craft it in a crafting bench. The void run combines all the attribute of the regular runes to make one uber powerful rune. it instantly destroys anything within a 10*10 block radius when put on a pickaxe and swung. It Incinerates and enemy within a 50*50 Block radius When put on a sword and swung. Destroys all trees within a 20*20 block radius when put on an axe and swung. and destroys all dirt/sand/gravel within a 15*15 block radius when put on a shovel and swung. it is the most powerful object in all of minecraft!

Thanks for reading
The end

08/19/2017 9:32 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Thanks for the feedback that is a pretty neat idea. (:
08/14/2017 8:24 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
I think that the power of the rune tools could be decided by how many of that rune you put on. If you put 1 fire rune on it would be quite weak but if you surrounded the tool with 8 fire runes, it would be the most powerful version. It would be like different levels of enchantment.
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