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♥The 7 Types of People in Minecraft♥

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Akia's Avatar Akia
Level 23 : Expert Dragon
Hello everyone! This is my list of different people you will find of people in Minecraft! Iv'e been on a bunch of servers lately, and these are the types of people I have seen.
Lets get started!

The Troller

This is the troller. He's/she's the one that trolls people, especially noobs. Most of the time he/she has a normal skin, not a troll skin. Mostly trolls like to troll in survival mode, so watch out for their noob traps, for example; the door trap. The door trap has a pressure plate inside 4 doors, when you walk in, your closed in forever, unless you have permission to break the pressure plate.

The Innocent

This is the innocent, the person that just focuses on minecraft, not anything else. This person normally does not use the chat, even if someone says their name. Most of the time, they are not noobs, but I've seen a few that are. These people almost always play alone, not with a friend.

The Mean One

The mean ones are about 35% of these people. They are always yelling swear words in the chat, unless if they can't. These people are the types of people that spam, use bad words, and ask strangers their phone number/skype. These people personally get on my nerves (sorry if you are one). They also rage a lot and grief people's houses.

The Noob

Oh boy, and here we have the noob. Noobs are people that know nothing about minecraft. For example, mining diamond with a wooden shovel instead of an iron picaxe. Most of the time, they have a house made out of dirt, not wood. Occasionally, they rage in the chat when something isn't working, like if they didn't get diamonds when they mined them with a wooden shovel. Most of the time, they have a steve skin also.

The Obsessed

The obsessed are the people who won't stop talking about celebrities, especially 1D (I think 1D is WAY overrated). These people are extremely rare, but sometimes you might find one. The only thing they will say in the chat is either about a celebrity, or something else they are obsessed about.

The XD Person

Yes, this person has a weird title, but you will find out why. These people are constantly talking in the chat, typing things like <3, xD, :), and more. Sometimes they can be annoying, but they are really nice and always looking for new friends. Not all of them are nice though, so watch out. I would say 70% of these people are nice.

The Dater

O.M.G. THESE PEOPLE GET ON MY NERVES SO MUCH. They are constantly saying "Anyone wanting to be my girlfriend? My skype is ______, skype me!" They only judge people by their skins, and are constantly shifting girls. They always ask people out, and it is really annoying. I've been asked out on minecraft about 50 times, and have been shifted about 200 times. These people are 95% boys. Sometimes, girls change to a boy skin so these people will leave them alone.

Well, there you have it! These are the 7 types of people I have seen in minecraft. I think I am half troller, and half XD person. What are you? (leave in the comments)

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11/03/2013 4:56 pm
Level 23 : Expert Network
deltoraquestgirl's Avatar
I'm the "XD" person :3
11/03/2013 4:55 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Ranger
Xeios's Avatar
One should be 'the additcted,' which would be me. The person who has dedicated their life to minecraft and minecraft-related things, they know everything there is to know about minecraft, they spend a lot of time browsing forums, they are the most dedicated to make minecraft worlds beautiful, etc...

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