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The art of trolling! FAQ- What is trolling?

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Some of you people may be fairly new to the internet community. You may have heard of the phrase or reference of "Trolling" , Maybe you have been trolled? What does trolling mean?!

Well trolling is The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue. Trolling does not mean just making rude remarks: Shouting swear words at someone doesn't count as trolling; it's just flaming, and isn't funny. Spam isn't trolling either; it pisses people off, but it's lame.

One example that has happened to me in minecraft was this incident
*Logs into pvp survival server*
Player- Hey want to be neighbors? We can work together and pown some people!
me- Hmm...Sure! Sounds good!
player- okay build your house rite next to mine
*after hardwork and hours i complete my new house*
player- cool house! Can you go out and find some pumpkins for us?
me- *Thinks suspiciously* um...sure?
*30 minutes pass*
me- Dude i cant find any pumpkins..
player- ahh its okay, just uh go inside your house i gave you some items in your chest
*walks in house. hits trip wire..here this noise *Tsssss* BOOM my house explodes.
me- WHAT THE F^&K! NO! OMG YOU &*%$!
player- You mad?
me- *rages..logs off*
(this was an example of trolling, The player told me to find some pumpkins just so he could set a tnt trap under my house)
Some trollers like Minnesotaburns are really famous on youtube for there trolling activities!

I hope you get a better under standing of trolling now :) ...Have you ever been trolled? I would like to here your stories :D

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