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The Crafting Dead Mod - Suggestions

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WARNING: I did not create this mod, F3RULLO14 did, I already have posted this on there website and it has a decent amount a veiws, however I want to expand and see whar YOU guys think, considering most minecraft'rs come on here instead of the modders website anyway.

Back story
: So when I got tekkit, I played it for a really short time and realized that I'm a lazy person and I don't like to be patient and work my way up, I like to jump right in to the intensity. So at the time, I was watching my favorite TV series (at the time), The Walking Dead and I loved it because they jumped right into the action. So one day, I decided to explore the Add New Pack in the Technic Launcher. It asked me to put in a URL, so I thought of Pixelmon and put it in, and it worked! Then I thought about The Walking Dead and a mod came up! So I looked up a pack and I started to play. At the time, I hated it. Every time I would spawn, I'd go to a building and turn around to see like 20 or 30 zombies chasing me. So I quit. Recently, I re-downloaded it because I thought it was updated enough to have smart zombie spawning, I still did not see how it was "smart" but I went along with it and after about 7-9 times trying, I FINALLY got all the gear I needed! Then I go out and explore the wilderness for about two days of getting on and back on and then when I decided to settle down in a prison, I die. Mostly because the spawning of the zombies made about 4 zombies spawn in the prison and I run on a Windows XP computer, I know it's a bad model but it works. I get around 30 FPS so it isn't so bad. So I am here to make the game better!
So now that's out of the way, lets get down to business. I've narrowed down all my ideas into one thread of suggestions. The ideas are divided up into sections, so you can see what areas they need to add things to.
Before the Game:
This idea is kinda cheesy and RPG-ish, but I think it would really relate to The Walking Dead game. When you start your game, you come up to a before the game screen and it says this:

"The Crafting Dead: Cure is a game where you as the player use your quick-wits to survive a devastation Minecraft Apocalypse! Before you start the game, your player needs a background. A job before this happened. Below is a list of jobs that you can chose to have. Only one job can be chosen. Your job effects your game play experience, for instance, if you were a military personnel, your more likely to find better weapons in military loot as well as up's damage on Pistols". 

Cheesy right? But I think it would allow players to be more active with the game. I have listed some jobs as well as their afflictions in the game:

-Wrestler: Player has a Str. I boost every time they hold a Melee weapon or fists.

-Military: Player is more likely to find better guns and attachments in military loot as well as a possibility to do extra damage when holding a firearm/pistol.

-Doctor/Nurse: Player's bleeding rate is reduced by a short percentage, although that percentage goes up as the blood levels go down. Morphine has a chance to be given back to the player after being used. Player gets more loot in medical loots.

-Thief: Player is more likely to obtain better loot in any loot pile, excluding medical and military piles.

If anyone has any other job idea they think is cool, comment and I'll see if I like it or not!
Surviving Citizens:
I know this is already being implemented, although if you didn't know, I'm pretty sure they are adding survivors and you can kill them to lose karma, although you can get their loot. I have listed a group of surviving people and what they should drop (some of these are the jobs):

-Police: Un-Common: Night stick, Ammo (Pistol) Rare: Glock 21, Very Rare: Glock 21 RD/Suppressor (they can drop the gun with parts/the gun/parts), Extremely Rare: MP5, Grenade, Sound Grenade, Ammo (MP5)

-Doctor/Nurse: Common: Protein Bar, Un-Common: Water (x2), Rare: Blood Pack Full, Very Rare: Medi-Kit, Extremely Rare: Morphine (x2 if MEGA lucky)

-Raider: Common: Baseball Bat, Baseball bat w/ nail, Un-Common: Shovel, Fireaxe, Rusty Pipe, Rare: Broken Chainsaw, Crowbar, Ammo (Pistol), Very Rare: Glock 18 RD/Suppressor (Same with Police), Extremely Rare: M4-A1 fully loaded, Samurai Sword, Sound Grenade, Grenade

That's all I have for right now, remember to post in the comments if you feel like you want to add-on to anything!!!

I've been playing for awhile now, and I am truly sick a tired of only seeing towers, prisons and those house/storage places with the iron. So I thought it would be a good idea to add some buildings in (BTW, it won't let me make a base because it says not enough things or too many arguments and idk how to fix that so if you can post in comments, that'd be great!)

-Camp: This is an area with 4-6 tents scattered in an area and is surrounded by either barbed wire with one barbed gate (BTW that should be added, or they can use a wood gate). Survivors can either be in it or not, although no matter what there is loot in each tent and scattered loots. In the middle should be a camp fire in the middle with a pot pedestal and possibly food in it.  If you are take anything, the survivors will retaliate, or they will retaliate automatically.

-Raided Camp: These spawn less frequently, although when found, barbed wire is missing as well as a couple tents. Tents will have bad loot and a small 3-4 group of zombies should be surrounding it. Rare chance to have some raiders in the camp. 

-Gas Station: When I played on the servers, I noticed that there was a gas station in one of them, and I thought I'd be cool. So here it is: Gas stations come either small or large. Rare chance to have an abandoned car that doesn't work and an extremely rare chance to have the cars working! If you have a gas tank, which also should be added, you can open up the Gas Pump and have a chance to have some Gas in it to run your car. Small stations have 1, large has 3. Inside should have a lot of loot on shelves or not at all. Behind the counter, if lucky, should be a shotgun, can be half loaded or not loaded at all. Ammo can be found behind the counter as well.

-Police Station: If found, there should be two doors in the front, light is very little. Police zombies can be inside that can only drop common or un-common loot. If found, the armory should have police vests and maybe some weaponry if lucky.

-Stores: Stores will have basic needs, food, water, and ZOMBIES!!! The store will be crowded with zombies, although has lots of food and water, so be careful.

-Apartments: A 3 story building, with 3 apartments on each floor. Survivors can be inside and zombies as well. Loot should be scarce.

-Towns: What I just described to you is a town. A town should have an apartment, a small gas station, possibly a police station and a small store. They should be quite rare so keep an eye out.

-Crash Zones: A small area in which a helicopter has landed. There is military and medical loot around it as well as active flames. Zombies should be around it. about 6-7 should do.

-Raider Camps: They are a bit better then average camps. Their barbed wire is stacked up by 2 in some places. There is an iron door to get in and they will always be there. Their camps have loots such as guns and lots of ammo, some food and water and a campfire and a pot on it with a some meat.

-Raider Castles: These are normally jam packed with raiders, lots of them with very good weaponry. The raider leader will have a badge on his coat and he has the best weapons in his chest. BTW there should be locked chests that need a key and the key is with the owner of the chest. If you open the chest, it should have really good loot.

Radiation biome:

This biome consists of MANY zombies and will up your radiation levels if not treated with some Rad-Pills, which can be found in medical loots, and they lower your radiation level by 10% bottle. They biome has no new zombies and gas no life at all really, except for the Radiation Grass which is basically grass with a lighter shade of green. No grass, flowers or trees are in this biome. 

That's all I have for now on this subject, lets move on to the next!

Updated GUI

So this one will be in paragraphs but it is quite smart. Here is what I think your GUI should be like:

Crafting Dead: Cure
Elite_Sugar: (job)
Survivors Killed:
Players Killed:
Zombies Killed:
      Water Level
I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I
|-|-|-|-|-Neutral-|-|-|-|-| (Not what I actually have in mind, I have in mind a bar with the left side red and the other side teal or blue)
I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I
       (# of blood)
(A bar with lines depending on how many bullets are in your mag and what gun your using)

Radiation: Radiation is what happens when you're outside too long without a gas mask, the gas mask significantly lowers the percentage rate of radiation. Once you reach 100% radiation, you will start to suffer from a permanent effect called Radiation, which can cripple your legs without falling, hunger, poison, slowness, weakness, blindness and much more. Although there is a very rare chance it can give you positive abilities such as Saturation, speed, strength, and regeneration. Radiation levels will go up a lot if you are in the Radiation biome without a Radiation suit.

-Karma System: Karma or Humanity as we all know, is the system in which a player either does good things or bad things and will be given armor depending on how far they are willing to stick with their humanity. I think it should be more like Infamous. Their Karma system is a wheel and every time you kill a citizen, you go a little to the left and there is a Neutral zone in the middle of both, so I'd say you'd have to kill 5 survivors to have bad Karma. If you kill zombies, of course you'd go to the right. Both good and bad have their certain milestones. For instance, when you kill 5 survivors, you will become bad. Once you kill some more, say 15 more, your karma would go from bad to worse, I've looked up the Infamous system so you can see what I mean.

Infamous < Most Wanted < Bio-Terrorist < Criminal < Thug < NEUTRAL ZONE > Protector  > Guardian > Champion > Paragon > True Hero

Each milestone has their own armor. So say you become a Protector, you'd get the hero armor. When you get Guardian, you'd get hero armor BUT with a True Hero Helm. Champion gives you Hero armor with True Hero Helm and boots. Paragon gives you True Hero Helm, boots, and pants with Hero Chest-plate, and True Hero gives you the ultimate good, True Hero armor. Same goes for the bad side, although its Infamous armor.

-Blood System: This is not so complex. When a player is bleeding, they'll lose blood. They number of shaded columns will then become less and less. The number below is how much blood you have in # form.

-Health Bar system: When you look at a zombie, I want this to be over their heads:

(Random name):Infected
I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I

Same goes with survivors:

(Random name): Survivor-(Job)
I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I

So what I'm getting at here is, you should add this health bar as well as give a random name to zombies. Their names aren't personally given, their generated. Also, I think that the Crafting Dead is biasing the game. There are no female zombies. I'm not a perv or anything, I'm just saying that in an apocalypse, women aren't super powerful forces with the ability to not be infected. But make their be women in the game as well as women raiders and survivors. 

List of zombies:

Bio-Zombie (Cannot tell gender because of mask)
Teenage Zombie (Male and Female)
Scientist zombie (Male and Female)
Raider Zombie (Male and Female)
Police Zombie
Doctor/Nurse Zombie
Brute Zombie (Strong, slow, high health)
Spider Zombie (Medium strong, medium speed, low health)
4-Legs (Weak, fast, medium health)

That's all I have for the GUI, now lets hop into something else, shall we?

Weaponry  and Vehicles

As you may know, vehicles are coming to the crafting dead, but which ones? Well I have a small list of what they should have:

Jeep: The classic zombie get-away car. Cannot be found, only crafted and uses gas quite moderately. So grab lots of Gas Tanks. Moves moderately fast.

SUV: Not very good for Zombie travels, but it gets ya where it gets ya. Uses gas slowly, as well as it's speed is quite slow. Can be found, is rare.

Tank: HECK YEA! Nothing like blowing up and rolling over zombies on a typical Sunday afternoon, right? The tank can only be crafted and uses High-Quality Gas or Jet Fuel. Bombs must be crafted and the weapons can be attached to the tank after it is crafted. It can use 1 mini-gun and hold 3 Mortars.

Moving on to the weapons! "People think they can out-smart me. True. I'd like to meet man, who can out-smart bullet".

My weapon ideas are very typical for a zombie apocalypse, and maybe not so much [img=[tongue]]f3rullo14.fanforum.co/images/boards/smilies/tongue.gif[/img].

Mini-gun: Cannot be found, only crafted. Gives the player slowness when using it, although has a high power damage and bullet damage. Bullets are crafted in 10 each. Mini-gun holds 150 bullets.

Mortar: Here it is people! The long-ranged booming machine, next to the rocket launcher of course! Place it down on a hill and load it with a bomb, grenade, sound grenade or a mortar shell and blast that thing into a different direction. Buildings or zombies, it does devastating damage. Zombies can find your location unless you're shooting a sound grenade.

Rocket Launcher: Cannot be found. Uses missiles which can be found in an armory of a police station or crafted. VERY LOUD! Will explode anything in its way. Reload takes a bit.

Landmines: Ever just take a stroll in a zombie apocalypse and step on a landmine? Terrible isn't it? Land mines are basically pressure plated TNT, although the plate is invisible and the mine is inside the block you step on. Say you want to hide a land mine in the desert, you would make the land mine , which is 4 iron, 4 redstone and a TNT, and once made, put it in the center with the block you want it disguised as surrounding it, so it takes 8 sand to make 1 disguised sand land mine.

Molotov: Set fire to anything! Basically a empty bottle, a water bucket, sugar, wool, and you have yourself an un-ignited Molotov. To ignite it, put flint and steel in with the un-ignited Molotov and the flint and steel loses 1/4 of its durability to make that one. It creates a small circle of flames and will burn and set fire to anything in the radius. Does not work in rain. Derp.

In the Crafting Dead, there are 2 types of raiders, Blue and Red. I will describe them for you.

Blue: Blue is obviously the good faction. They find Reds and they will automatically attack them. They take survivors in and heal them and give them comfort. They have many more bases then the reds. If your karma is bad, they will attack you, if good then they will not, unless you harm them.

Red: The evil faction. They steal and kill, it's their way of surviving. Their bases are limited although they are typically bigger and stronger than Blues, which is why this keeps their battles even. If a 2 blues fought 2 reds, typically, there would be 1 red standing. If it was 3 against 2, then 2 reds standing. If 3 blues against 2 reds, 1 standing. if 4 against 2, 2 standing and so on. That's how I think of it.

Hey thanks guys for reading this thread! I will probably think of more things as I go so I'll add a section under this labeled new ideas and I'll put the date and time on them. If I can at least. I will also be adding a map that shows you what I think they should look like, expect the cars because I'm not very good at coding things. Cya later guys! ~Elite
New Ideas:

Weapon-Glass Shard: Glass shard is a special weapon that is obtainable by either finding it in loot or a rare chance when breaking glass. The glass shard will stab zombies and is very powerful at doing 3 hits per zombie with 18 durability. Unfortunately, it has a rare chance to cause YOU to bleed when using it, because it's a glass shard I mean c'mon be smart people. 6/20/14, 7:30 PM EST

Zombie-Hoard: A huge wave of about 10-25 zombies that travel in one straight direction until they see a player or a survivor. They then will all run after you. Any zombie can be in this wave and travel in any direction (Except upwards and downwards). 6/21/14, 12:09 P.M. EST

Game play-Custom Map?: I think I read this some where, but it said Custom Map? and I think that would be a GREAT idea. I think this is already being implemented but at the same time I do not so. It would make great use of the spawners and the map could have custom buildings instead of just lousy messed up buildings (Not that they are, but they glitch out sometimes like the prison will be filled with sand and it's underground). 6/21/14, 12:09 P.M. EST

Game play-GPS: The GPS only shows your cords and a compass. I think it's kinda lame because in single player, coordinates aren't really going to help you. So I was thinking that the GPS  could turn into like a radar or be crafted into a radar. I constantly updates itself and shows where zombies, players, and buildings are! I think this is super helpful for new players. 6/21/14 3:42 P.M. EST

Game play-Shaders: I think that F3rullo14 needs to add shaders to the game. It seems like there would be, you know with leaves falling and withering trees. I think it would be a great idea. 6/21/14 7:47 P.M. EST

Game play-Smart Moving Mod: The Smart Moving mod allows the player to move more realistically in life. I think it would be a GREAT idea if this could be implimented. It would not only make the game play better, it would make the players experience enhance. 6/21/14 7:49 P.M. EST

PROBLEM: I need someone to help me! This won't be here for long, but I can make a base! When I have all the materials to make a small base, I type in the command and it says "Not enough or too many arguments!" and I've tried making a small, medium, and a large base and none of them work! Can someone tell me if this is supposed to be happening right now and if not tell me how to fix it.

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