The Great Blue Yonder: An Undecided Creation [FoUND S1 W2]

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avatar Torm
Retired Moderator
Level 31 : Artisan Scribe
Twisting and turning, diving and yearning
Never to leave this celestial sphere
Soaring and spinning, joy underpinning
Rapture felt only by those who come here

The sky is my kingdom, the clouds are my castle
The infinite blue is all mine
The azure never ending, extending forever
As higher and higher I climb

Up high in the sky we never will know
All of the heartache that comes from below
Our days can be free, and joyous at that
If this can be better then I’ll eat my hat

Yes this is fantastic, nothing can match it
Drifting above with no care in the world
No time to be glum, just bask in the sun
The smile of its warmth, true glory unfurled

With swooping grace and a sense of delight
One with the birds so free
The sun warm on my back and the wind in my hair
Forever up here I shall be


A short piece brought to you by Team Undecided - comprised of TheCatLuver, Torm, and PandaMC for the FoUND Poetry Tournament. Thanks for reading.
CreditTheCatLuver PandaMC
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