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The Impostor

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Matesu11 avatar Matesu11
Level 21 : Expert uwu
this art was created by Leovincible or Trevor Henderson, idk, this creature is from like trevor henderson oc pack in gmod, but it's in minecraft, i was testing the Trevor Creatures: Reborn mod, this should be interesting. This recreation was in update, but there's many creatures that was updated, if you playing Among Us, they not excuse are you Imposter or not, they not currently on progress, because this creature was in the progress or not, they not progressing every time. It was a re-creation, i don't know who project is, this was in progress, but everyone trying who is the imposter, for this, should be anonymous project like a crewmate or imposter, the thing it was in update, they not currently work on it but there's many people who did it.
Creditthis creature was by Leovincible or Trevor Henderson and the model and texture in minecraft was by MatyasU

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