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The Lake of Death

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avatar AviationWolf
Level 43 : Master Ranger
In the deep dark waters of Lake Kirsim, a lake so that was so dangerous that even just standing near it for too long would kill you. The lake was theorized to be a portal to hell by the native NPC's of the area, Dead creatures would wash upon on the sandy beach, creatures that weren't of this world. The forest next to the lake would be known as the forest of 1000 corpses, because of the sheer amount of dead animals found in the forest. The lake was a no-go zone for the many villagers who lived within 5 miles of the lake. That was until, the conquest of the area by the Greater Mineterian Empire, the warnings and pleas of the villagers were ignored and the commander of the Mineterian imperial forces Ba Ming decided to cross the lake to the Great Plateau, he accidentally fell into the lake, his subordinates tried to help him up but the acid melted his arms off and he drowned. The lake gave off a poisonous scent which attacked the lungs causing possible Respiratory failure. Its water was so black that accidentally falling in almost certainly meant death. The lake was acidic, burning anything which came into contact with it. The lake's water tasted flakey and sour, the water was filled with parasites. The lake sounded like very high pitched whistling or screaming. When the lake flooded, the consequences were immense, many people get poisoned and many suffer life-altering problems. It was so dangerous, the government had to evacuate all villages from the area. The lake eventually dried up, but the dust was extremely dangerous if the dust was to spread over to the Great Plateau, the once beautiful hilly fields would have became a desert and affect agriculture. They filled the dried out bed with concrete and quarantined the area from civilization. The Villages were burned to the ground and covered over with soil, the livestock and crops were destroyed. Today, all that remains of the once great lake is buried under 5 foot of solid concrete and many people wonder why the lake was so dangerous. To this day, it continues to baffle scientists.
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