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The Minecraft End

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ABlockInPlace avatar ABlockInPlace
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
I know many dont think that minecraft will end. but others think its time may be coming. But I think we should listen to what Steve has to say and his theory on how the minecraft world will end.

Attention: These are the words of Steve.

Many have asked me Stve how will the minecraft world end. Well let me tell you the story that has been handed down from Steve to Steve. On a normal day as like the one in which you are familiar with the minecraft world WILL end. It will start with the sun. As square as it appears today it will eventually overtime begin to dim and turn into a rectangle more than a block. This is a tell tale sign that the minecraft world is nearing its end. After this very odd thing may begin to hapen. Notice all of the animals may begin to die off suddenly. Not in multiple bloes. I mean in one "hit" they will instantly die. Then according to legend the world will begin the process of its death. Many Nether portals will appear everywhere. On the ground in caves and in the sky. The portals will give way to thousands of pigmen to appear out of the portals. Ghasts will also emerge in large quantities. And the lava will gegin replacing all blacks. It will not stop until all of the world is covered in lava. Then according to legend the infamouse lag wil start and it will then end the world as we once knew it. Thank you for your time my children and look at the sun for the signs of terror.

Thank you Steve. Now lets listen to Herobrines theory

First I will appear in a peaceful world. All the cows and animals and blacks will be normal as always. Then I will touch the grass with my hand which will instantly turn all animals evil. They will then come to me for my orders. I will release the Wither into the world to destroy the world block by block. Then I will send my army of demon animals to my brother Steve and the animals will kill him. The wither will finish the job and destroy the world. I will then despawn to take over another world.

Thank you Herobrine. Now for Notches side

Sales will go down.

O-k thank you Notch. Well if you want to here more sides of the story plz do tell me thank you and I will see you all soon.

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04/10/2014 6:13 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
marioandluiglol avatar
So Funny! Steve made more sence. But Herobrine, nope. Notch says sales would go down, EXACTLY!
06/21/2013 11:26 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Pony
506luu avatar
You should hear Jeffery the Slime's Story! It is very detailed...
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