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|| The Oklahoma Tornado 🌪 || Part 1

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Moore, Oklahoma, USA a South Central US state that got hit by an EF-5 tornado back in 2013. I don’t remember when it was that tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, but all I remember was that it was the year of 2013. Here’s a story that kinda goes with what I’m talking about.

It’s titled as “The Oklahoma Tornado”

A few months later

Meteorologist: Some more severe thunderstorms will be heading back again this week.

Connor: Are you kidding me? More severe thunderstorms?

Farmer Zombie: I guess we need the rain. Unless there’s a tornado mixed in the rain.

Butcher Zombie: Isn’t it a little too chilly to be having tornados?

Me: Probably. We just had a tornado over a few months ago and it looks like we’re in for some more tornado weather y’all. Who’s up for tornado chasing? In Minecraft!

Blacksmith Zombie: I’m not going darlin.

Farmer Zombie: Neither am I. And speaking of tornado chasing, it’s highly dangerous especially if there’s a tornado heading for your city in what state is this?

Priest Zombie: Oklahoma. The city that got hit by a tornado minus 9 years ago.

Connor: I’m hoping there’s no tornado up in those dark storm clouds. (Saw a flash of lightning in the far distance). Dang! But why was it all the way over there?

Me: Because it’s tornado season. And it’s tornado alley.

Butcher Zombie: Is Oklahoma basically in tornado alley darlin?

Me: Yes! It is. And so is Louisiana and Texas. And Nebraska I think. I believe it is in tornado allay.

Priest Zombie: OMG! That’s awesome!

Librarian Zombie: Did y’all see that?

Me: No! What was it?

Blacksmith Zombie: You could’ve seen that big flash of lightning darlin.

Farmer Zombie: What? I wasn’t paying any attention to the dark skies over there. But I thought I heard a rumble of thunder.

Priest Zombie: Uh you did. There’s a supercell thunderstorm heading towards Oklahoma but I’m not sure what time it’s goin to be here.

Aris Adams: Look at that sky David Cortez.

David Cortez: Looks serious.

Dylan Evans: Again? We just went through a tornado a few months ago and we’re fixing to go through another tornado?

Mason Madison: What’s up there?

Dylan: Tornadoes, rain, thunder, lightning. And most of all of it this is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

David Fletcher: Look at that afternoon sky y’all.

Thomas Thompson: I see it. Looks like there’s a storm on the way.

Nick: There is. I pray that it isn’t too serious.

Adam: Yeah! I don’t like the look in that afternoon sky Nick.

Nick: Neither do I.

Later that evening

Erick Adams: (Working his station). I’m working my station. (Heard a tornado siren going off). Uh oh! Better go warn the others.

At the Evans household


Me: Uh oh! Better go wake up Connor and Erin Evans and her little guy Tanner.

Erin: I heard the siren going off. That woke me up, but I’m not sure about Connor.

Connor: Yes, but Tanner’s still taking his nap. (Tries waking up his son up. No response). Tanner! Wake up!

Erin: Here let me try. TANNER! TORNADO WARNING!

Tanner: Tornado warning? What? Are we under a tornado warning?

Me: Yes! We are. Your dad tried waking you up from your evening nap you just woke up from then your pregnant mother woke you up yelling “Tornado Warning”.

At the Hernandez household

Aaron Hernández: This is terrible!

Malcolm Martínez: Yeah! It’s sad that we can’t go visit Caitlin Evans.

Danny Martínez: Yeah! We’re under a tornado warning.

Aaron Hernández: Yeah!

Later that night

Me: (Coughing). Excuse me!

David Fletcher: Bless you cuz!

Me: Thanks!

Dylan Evans: Are you okay?

Me: Yeah! (Sneezes). Achoo!

Villagers: Bless you darlin!

Me: Thanks y’all. I love you guys so dearly!

Villagers: We love you too! We’re sorry you don’t feel good darlin.

Me: It’s okay guys! (Almost coughing up a lung). [​Coughing up blood]. What?

Connor Evans: (Notices his granddaughter coughing up blood). That’s not good. You might need to go to the ER.

Erin: Yeah! When I was pregnant with Connor I coughed up blood. Connor my older brother could tell you.

Connor: Oh yeah! My pregnant sister Erin had realized that she was coughing up blood our granddad rushed her to the hospital to see what was wrong.

Later that night before the tornado

???: What seems to be the problem?

Me: I’m coughing up blood all of the sudden and my granddad had noticed it as well.

Connor Evans: Yes! My 27 year old granddaughter started coughing up blood and she isn’t sure what she is supposed to do.

???: Coughing up blood? Hmm! You might be getting sick, but I’m here to prevent that from happening.

Me: Thank you ma’am!

???: Your welcome!

A little while later that night before the tornado

Me: (Notices an EF-5 tornado heading for the hospital). WE’VE GOT A TORNADO! I repeat there’s a huge tornado heading for the hospital right now.

???: Hmm! That’s not good! Better head to the ground level of the hospital.


David Fletcher: That’s one massive tornado heading for us.

Me: Yes! But how are we going to avoid that massive tornado heading our direction Erin?

Erin: The staircase probably.

???: Yes! She’s correct. The elevator went out.

Later that night on the way to the ground floor of the hospital

Connor Evans: (Notices how huge the tornado looked as he stared out the window). That’s one massive tornado.

Aris Adams: Sure is. And it’s destroying everything in its path too.

David Cortez: (Notices the tornado turning towards the hospital). Uhh guys! I think we should speed up with our walking and get on outta the way of that massive tornado heading our direction now.

Randy: That’s not good if that tornado is heading for our way now.

A little while later that night during the tornado

Me: (Notices a second tornado trying to form). Oh no! Are you kidding me?

Dylan Evans: (Also noticed a second tornado). What? That doesn’t look too good.

David Fletcher: Actually no it doesn’t. That looks like a monster tornado. I’m not kidding y’all. I mean massive tornado.

Later after the tornado

Me: (Notices how much destruction the tornado caused. Including the hospital and a school nearby). Look at that. This is a total nightmare out there granddad.

Connor Evans: Sure does. What do you think we should do cousin David?

David Fletcher: I’m actually not sure. I think we should remain inside until it’s okay to leave the hospital.

Dylan Evans: (Notices down power lines). Yeah! I just noticed down power lines. So my suggestion is that we shouldn’t leave the hospital until it’s safe to leave the hospital. (Notices injured tornado survivors under some debris outside). Uhh hey guys! Come check this out!

Me: Tornado survivors! Hmm! I don’t think they’re okay.

David Fletcher: I don’t think so either cuz.

Connor Evans: I think we should go help someone out to see if they need any help or not.

Me: No one leaves the hospital until it’s okay to leave the hospital.

The following night

Meteorologist: The aftermath of the tornado has left multiple people devastated after what happened earlier tonight.

Dylan Evans: (Notices a map of where the tornado was and how long it lasted). See that map darlin?

Me: Yes! I see the map Dylan Evans. This is upsetting me so much. (Keeps from crying).

David Fletcher: Don’t cry Caitlin! It’s okay! We’re all here.

Connor: (Notices his girl sobbing and he sat beside her and rubbed her back). Hey baby girl! What’s the matter? (Rubbing her back as he sat beside her).

Me: Just seeing that map of where the tornado was and how long it lasted just left me in pieces. I mean in tears.

Connor: I know! I’m sorry darlin. And I’m sorry it’s upsetting you like it’s upsetting all of us.

David Cortez: Yes! Don’t cry darlin! It’ll be alright! Right guys?

Aris Adams: Yes! It’s okay! Hopefully!

Nick: Yeah! It upset my younger brother Adam because after what he saw on that map of where that tornado was and how long it lasted on the ground he burst into tears.

Adam: I’m not happy Nick. I’m not happy at all. (Keeps from crying anymore).

Dylan Evans: Don’t worry!

A week later

Me: It’s only been a week and your now not feeling good Dylan?

Dylan Evans: (Upchucking). Yes! Bleh! That’s disgusting!

David Fletcher: (Notices Dylan vomiting). I think I’m going to be sick.

Dylan Evans: Then don’t look at it.

Connor Evans: (Notices Dylan puking). Uh oh! You okay Dylan?

Dylan Evans: No! I’m not okay.

Aris Adams: (Notices Dylan Evans throwing up). Did someone eat too much?

Nick: Probably. Adam is puking as well.

Me: What made him puke Nick?

Nick: I’m actually not sure.

A little while later that night

Dylan Evans: I sure do feel better since I drank a healing potion.

Adam: Same.

Me: Thanks dad!

David Cortez: Your welcome darlin! I’m sorry your friends weren’t feeling good.

Dylan Evans: Thanks for the sympathy.

Adam: Yeah! Thanks for the sympathy.

Dylan Evans: Quit copying me Adam.

Adam: I wasn’t copying you Dylan. I was just repeating what you said.

Dylan Evans: We’ll don’t repeat what I did. Okay?

Adam: Okay! I understand you don’t want me to copy or repeat what you do. I’m going back to bed

Dylan Evans: Goodnight Adam.

Adam: Goodnight Dylan and Goodnight Nick!

Nick: (Half asleep). Goodnight Adam. I love you.

Adam: I love you too Nick. And we love you too Caitlin and Connor Evans.

Caitlin and Connor Evans: We love you too Adam and Nick.

Later that night after bed

Me: (Notices how dark the nighttime sky looked as she stared out the window that’s in front of her bed). I’m not sure if there’s clouds in the sky or if it’s a clear nighttime sky. (Noticed a flash of lightning). Or not.

Connor: Just after I saw that flash of lightning, we’re under a severe thunderstorm warning that might produce another tornado later tonight.

Villagers: Again? Another tornado?

Connor Evans: Dang! We just went through a tornado a little while ago and we might be in harms way? Whoa!

Rustic: Tornadoes are everywhere y’all.

Blanco: I know! We just went through a tornado not too long ago.

Kane: Yes!

Grey Wolf: Yes! Sounds devastating! We’ve only gone through three tornadoes already and we might be in even more danger guys.

Rustic: I know we are. This is Oklahoma.

Kane: Oklahoma? I thought this was Texas.

Rustic: No! It’s not.

A few minutes later that night

Me: (Notices Connor sound asleep in bed). Seriously Connor?

Connor: (Notices his girlfriend). What?

Me: Asleep again?

Connor: What’s the matter baby girl?

To be continued for Part 2 of “The Oklahoma Tornado”

No one has ever enjoyed seeing their hometown getting destroyed by a tornado or multiple tornadoes touching down at the same time. No has enjoyed the devastating news of what’s happening across the United States, Canada or even in Mexico (if there’s tornadoes that go through Mexico).

If you and your friends and enjoyed this blog, please, please, please let me know and I’ll be happy to answer those questions for you and/or your friends. Thanks for all your support. I really appreciate it so dearly. Much is appreciated!

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