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The Real Way on how to speed up Minecraft

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Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
This Tutorial aims on giving you a good Minecraft experience without putting the settings to Tiny and Fast, so you have smooth and nice looking game play

Notes ( i suggest you read these )

Before using this guide, you need a software, called WinRAR, every mod comes in a ZIP file, which WinRAR can read, without this, you can't get mods, WinRAR is free and it is a great thing to have. type in WinRAR on google and go on the first link.

If this tutorial has sped up your Minecraft considerably, i would be greatful if you could share this, or make it more popular so others can get a better Minecraft.

I have looked at, maybe 20 or 25 article on this topic, some have been helpful and some not so helpful, I have gathered all of the useful information and used some of my own experience to attempt to give the best way to speed up your Minecraft, tutorial.

My Specs and how much FPS i used to get.

Before i get started, before i did all of these tricks. i have 8-10 FPS in a normal world, 3 when looking at a jungle and 16-20 when looking at the sky. My specs are

Intel Dual Core 1.6ghz processor
2.5GB of ram
Intel GMA3100 Graphics
and thats really all you need to know...

I know, its terrible...

How to speed up Minecraft

1) Get Modloader, and Optifine. (get a edition which you think suits you best)

Reason: This gives me a massive 10-20 FPS boost, so instead of the 8FPS, i get 18, i know its not a lot, but its a improvement. this trick alone will not MASSIVELY speed up minecraft, but it will help a lot. i reccomend using these settings, i will touch on the other settings a bit more later.

Chunk Loading: Smooth or Multi-core
Fog: Off
Smooth FPS: On

Allocate More RAM to minecraft (TWO WAYS)
Now, before you tell me "I HAVE TRIED THIS AND IT DONT WORK!", there are two proven ways to allocate more ram.

Before assigning RAM to minecraft, you have to note that if you allocate too much, it will slow it down, and too little with slow it down also, play about with the values until you get good FPS and faster world loading.

a) (For official Minecraft) Get Magic Launcher, and go on Settings,Advance and there should be a value in a box saying 512, change that to how much RAM you want to allocate, i reccomend.

1GB Of RAM: 512mb
2GB: 786mb or 1024mb
3GB: 1024 or 2042
4GB: 2042 or more.
Dont allocate too much unless you have a massive world save(s)

b) (FOR MINESHAFTER) the only reason i do this is because allocating RAM to Mineshafter is a easy and true method. it will always work with no errors.

1) open notepad.
2) Type this code in java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar "Mineshafter-proxy.jar" change value to how ever much RAM you want to allocate
3) save it as Mineshafter.bat
4) put it in the same location/folder where your Mineshafter is, then click it and you now have more RAM for minecraft.
This only works if your internet connection is on.

Don't ruin your Minecraft by setting it to tiny and fast graphics, you can play on Far and Fancy with a solid 30FPS, and here's how.

There has been a lot of hoobla about "dont put it on Vsync, it slows it down" and well, yes it does, only if you average around 50+fps... well i'm assuming we dont, so here are the setting that i use on my PC and i can run minecraft at 32-40FPS
*you need optifine for this, HD B4*

View: Far or normal
Fog: off
FPS: Vsync
Graphics: Fancy
Smooth Lighting: 100%

Now i know your like "um, if my computer runs minecraft slow at short, why will it run better at fancy and far?" well, it lies on the Vsync, you see, Vsync keeps a stable FPS that matches your monitor framerate so it doesn't overwork the monitor... thats probably not right but thats my guess :)

NOTICE, Vsync is only effecting on Normal and Far.

If you are not fussed on what the tree leaves look like, i would seriously suggest putting the tree's to fast, they are on of the most FPS costly things on Minecraft

Lots of people think that doing this increases performance, well it actually makes it worse... you are putting too much strain on Minecraft so it crashes more often. Don't fiddle with the priority, keep it default.

5) Try not to run other applications while Minecraft is running
Try not to run anything while Minecraft is running, because it puts a lot of strain on your PC, so try to just run Minecraft.

6) Update your Java and LWJGL
Just simple get a new java.
get a new LWJGL and replace the old one in you bin folder
this increase your performance a little bit, but its worth it.

7) Use RAMDISK and other apps that help game performance
Using RAMDISK really helps Minecraft a lot, it helps with world loading and massively increases FPS. a lot of people reccomend GameBooster. though i have not tried that myself.

Enjoy a smoother Minecraft!

if for any reason this did NOT speed up your minecraft, please comment. you don't have to follow the settings exactly, tweak them a little to suit your PC.

This guide was made for Low to Medium performance PCs, if this does not work, then please take a look below at the other ways to speed up minecraft.

1a) Get more RAM (Cheap)

It is simple and easy to get more RAM, not only will it speed up Minecraft, but it will speed up your PC too, i got my RAM for £10, and it is the older type of RAM (DDR2) so it is more expensive, the newer RAM is cheaper and faster, and it can hold a lot more, so why not get some. i seriously reccomend this if all else fails.

2a) Get a Graphics card (Can range from cheap to expensive)
You don't have to spend a fortune of a GPU, get a cheap one for £30 and i bet you it will make Minecraft run smoother. though if you are opting for a expensive GPU, do your reasearch, it pays to know whats expensive and whats cheap, for the price. I can't really reccomend a GPU, because i am getting a new PC (not for Minecraft :P) and i am getting a fairly high range GPU. and my current PC only has a Intel GMA (fail).

3a) Get a new PC (expensive)
this is the best way to speed up Minecraft... but it cost's :(
be careful what you buy, do some reasearch on it so that you get the ideal PC for Minecraft

CreditTo the other guides for the additional info.

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Update #2 : 02/09/2013 3:54:20 amFeb 9th, 2013

changed a bit

01/03/2014 2:33 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
Since i now have a decent laptop (64bit with HD Radeon GPU, i3 processor and 4gb of RAM)
I can't really offer any advice as of now... because i dont have any problems with my laptop, but if you guys feel that i need to add something...
feel free to comment!
01/24/2013 9:43 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Taco
Absolutely fantastic work. Well done. It was well a written with good grammar, AND everything you wrote was pretty much accurate. Nice work.
Diamond+Fav. :D

~ Cheach
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