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The Story Of The Ender Dragon


''one day all the evil will be defeated''

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Level 25 : Expert Pokemon
The story of the Ender Dragon

As you can read in the storyo s about the origin of Herobrine, he turned into particles after the World is deleted. Steve forgot everything he knew about Herobrine. Herobrine became stronger and stronger everytime heo s defeated by Steve. After suffering many defeats Herobrine realized he needed a Companion. After a long time of study in the Strongholdo s Libraryo s he knew who would become his Companion. He gathered a lot of Ender Eyes and went further into the catacombs of the Stronghold to find the forgotten End Portal. When he found i the prepared a trap in the portal room, he dumped lava in the space below the portal, in the hope that lost explorers wouldno t dare to jump into the portal. He also placen a Silverfish Spawner, these creatures spawn in large groups and attack any intruder, good or evil. He also made a device, that would, after Herobrine entered the End Portal, would destroy some of the blocks of the End Portal. That defect could only be fixed with Ender Eyes. And Herobrine jumped into the End Portal. He entered a World of sadness and Darkness. He saw the Obsidian Pillars he read about. He climbed the highest Pillar and rested a while. Then he threw 64 Ender Eyes into the skyo ¦., nothing happened, he thought. He wanted to start climbing down the Pillar when he noticed a strange sound. Suddenly a flash apeared together with the oldest Particles. Slowly a Dark Purple Dragon apeared. Herobrine knew it was called the Ender Dragon. Herobrine said to the Dragon that he had awoken him. He also said:o o Almighty Dragon, Lord of The Ender, when you help me, this,The Ender, will be your palace, and the Earth will be your kingdom.o o The Dragon accepted. Herobrine left the Ender, and walked deep into the Dungeons of The Earth. Never to be seen again, most of mankind thought.

This was the story of the Ender Dragon, Steve noe has a new quest, He must defeat the Dragon before he might reach Herobrine.

We only know that some day all the Evil in the World of Minecraft will be defeated by the Chosen One. But it may take a million of days before that day commenceso ¦o ¦

Written by kidolvski.

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  • November 5, 2015, 7:57 am
  • eels11
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  • December 18, 2011, 2:42 am
AH Herobrine in the end and the ender dragon works with him PANIC!!

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