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The Two Derpy Animals


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avatar kacybuggy
Level 1 : New Crafter
There were once two animals in a adoption. However, they weren't normal pets. Although one is a cat and the other is a dog, they do not look normal. The cat was named Dummy, and she had only three legs, one tail with two tips, and had very long legs. The dog was named Dingus, and he had one ear, he was extremely short, and his eyes were uneven. The two pets were always stared at in the adoption. The kids that visited the adoption had nightmares because of them. They were not lovable to anyone.
A week later, they only had one day left in the adoption. They would be killed if they weren't sold by then. They started to bark and meow at each other. Nobody knew what they were up to. But they were plotting a plan. "We must escape" said Dingus. Dummy replied with a loud meow "That is true... but how?" "I think I know how." barked Dingus "When we go outside, you can scratch the wire, and I'll bite the wire. When the wire breaks, we can escape through the small hole that we made." Dummy meowed "That is a brilliant plan! Your a genius!"
A few hours later, they were let outside. Dingus and Dummy leaped to the wired fence, and started clawing and biting it. "It's not breaking..." they both said in miserable voices. A woof from the other side of the fence startled them. "Hey" the strange voice said "I see your in the adoption. Don't you want to be free like a bird outside of it's bird cage?" A dog walked up to the fence. "My name is Beetle, and I would like to help you two escape." she said. The dog was a beagle. Dingus fell in love with her the second she appeared. Beetle started to rip open the fence with her sharp teeth. Dingus and Dummy slipped through the small hole. "Thank you!" they both shouted. Beetle barked "I'm going to go on my own way. Your welcome." She walked away to a house. They thought it must of been Beetle's house.
The next minute, they were knocked out by a shovel banging them on the head. They woke up on a cold mountain. They were freezing. They could not talk because it was so cold. They lied down on their back, hoping it was only a dream. They bit their paw to check if it was a dream. It was not. Beetle was not there to save them this time.
A hour later, a couple of climbers climbed up the mountain. One of them was a kid. The kid shouted "Mommy! Daddy! There is a dog and cat on the ground!" "Fiona," her mom said "you need to stop imagining things. A cat or dog wouldn't be on a big cold mountain." "But this time it is real!" she shouted once more. Fiona picked up Dingus and Dummy. She reached into her backpack grabbing two blankets. She wrapped both of the animals in their own blanket. She ran over to her dad and said "See? It is a cat and a dog! I told you." "What is that thing? That 'cat' of yours has long legs and a tail with two tips! And that 'dog' has uneven eyes and only one ear! Put them down!" Fiona's parents said at the same time. "No!" she screamed. "Fine, you can keep them" her dad said. She seemed excited.
Hours later climbing down the mountain, they were finally in the warmth. They walked into a car. The two animals fell asleep in Fiona's arms. They were inside a house when they woke up. They were in a big log cabin. "I'll call the cat Marcy. And I'll call this little dog Gunther!" said Fiona. Marcy and Gunther were happy with their new names. They were also happy that someone finally appreciated how they are.

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