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Things to do on Minecraft Realms :)

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Things to do in Minecraft Realms

By- TheArcherHero

Some people have trouble finding things to do in their own realms or their friends realm. Ive had this problem many, many times and have had a few idea's to help solve it!

1. Most owners of realms, or friends of the owners, play in creative mode. Sometimes its just fun to play in survival mode! Pretend your a player, see how its like for your players!

2. BUILD! Build to your hearts content! If your not a good builder, theres many great building tutorials on youtube, some even a few hours long!

3. Create your own minigames! Members of your Realms will love playing your minigames, and keep them entertained!

4. Have scavenger hunts, pvp matches, or build contests! Do events so your players will feel like they are part of the community!

5. Play with command blocks! Theres ways to make fire work arrows, exploding snowballs, and permenant effects in your world! Test it out!

6.My Favorite, Just TALK! Talk to your community and let them tell you how they feel about your realms!! This is a great way to improve your realms, and get to know the community!

I know there is alot more, i just cant think of it. Leave them in the description and i will add them!


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10/25/2017 1:45 pm
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inv ign: concqderation
09/08/2017 10:48 pm
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You can also make a roleplay for you and your friends.
07/23/2016 9:59 am
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Thank You! This helped a lot!
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