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avatar EnderMoon
Level 3 : Apprentice Skinner
(This is not a true story at all just a regular old story! I apologize for horrible punctuation!) So one day I was hanging out with a group of some friends and we had decided to camp out at a ghost town, and we would do all sort of creepy stuff like Ouija boards and the like. The town was a few hours away so it was a bit of a drive and the scenery was all perfectly normal other than it being night time, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a few houses some trees and a bit of wildlife. I was going through the stuff that everyone had brought and i found a book that looked somewhat odd so i flipped through the pages but they were empty so i assumed that it must be a journal of some sorts. I asked who's it was but they all said the same thing "it isn't mine" We got to the ghost town around 10 or 11 and set up all our stuff. The whole time i just couldn't stop thinking about that book so i checked it one more time. Empty pages. So I made the decision "if this is a notebook then let's write in it" So i found a pencil and a flashlight. Right when i was about to write something though my friends had gotten the Ouija board, summoning circle, as well as some food ready so i grabbed some food and joined in with them being skeptical but still enjoying everything. We asked the Ouija board stuff like "are you here?" and "are you friendly?" to which we got a few yes's and no's. Next we tried the summoning circle but it didn't work at all. When we were doe with all the creepy stuff we decided to go to bed. I just couldn't sleep though so i wandered off from my friends and since i still had the flashlight and pencil on me i began to start writing and doodling. I had written a bit about my day, who all i have a crush on, and all that junk as well as a few random little drawings every now and then. But the all of a sudden i had a rush of inspiration for a character in short story so i quickly wrote the character description and made a drawing of it as well. When i started to hear a door slamming open. That's odd there's not even a breeze i thought to myself. I Decided to go back to the others and let them know. When i had gotten back to them they were all up apparently they had heard the noise as well. We all went to investigate each one of us shivering from fear and being cold. Then I saw something bolt from one side to the other but when i attempted to investigate there was nothing there not even a footprint or hair. We continued on but found nothing so we headed back thinking it must have been a sudden breeze. But when i checked to make sure all of us were still there. there was one more person and he looked EXACTLY like the character i had drawn in my newfound notebook. I turned white as a ghost but when my friends asked why i looked so scared he was gone. I'll never understand what exactly happened that day but i will never forget that day for as long as i live.

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