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Tips for Building a Medieval Town

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Tigerman39's Avatar Tigerman39
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Building anything medieval in minecraft in my opinion is a very cool thing to do. I takes quite a while to complete a town but the fun is in building it itself. The following is some tips for if you would like to build your own city, town, village, or hamlet.

Where to Build

Figuring out where to build is a very arduous task because there is usually something wrong with each area in the world you created. In my opinion, medieval worlds look a lot better aestheticallywithout any spawned villages,desert or jungle temples, etc. It just looks better plain because those designs will usually clash with the designs of your own built village. So first create a world without any of that stuff. Usually I like to make a world in default because you canget several biomes. Ilike to make sure there is mountains and grasslands right next to eachother.

Other than having mountains and grasslands, one important thing to remember is to make sure you have a source of water. Whether it be a ocean, lake, or river (although all three are preffered). This will help it be more realistic. Make sure that not all the land is just on one level. You will want to build things on different levels because it gives a better feel to the town if
not all the buildings start on the same height.

Once you have all of that figured out, that is when you can start building things.

What to Build

Figuring out what to build first is also another long decision. You dont want to build lets say a house in one place just to figure out later that you would rather have built a church there. Then you have to go through the process of getting rid of that building and putting it somewhere else.

I think the easiest thing to start off with is to build a dock of some sorts. If you have an ocean to work with, its not going anywhere so usually the placement of the docks or port is not going to change too much. For bigger towns, a good rule to go off of is to build the docks at a lower level than the main part of the town. This way if hypothetically the tide rose, the town wouldn't get flooded.

Afterbuilding the docks, I like to build a sea wall and lighthouse just to get the seaedge of my town established. Then comes the rest of the town.Usually around the docks is a pretty busy part of town so making shops and more of a lower business sector would make sense.

Once you have part of your town established it is a good idea to divide your avaliable land into sections. This is very important in cities because otherwise you would jsut have random buildings around eachother and nothing would make sense. Sectors that I like to use to start off with are docks, farmland, business, industrial, residential, militaristic,
and then of course a town hall of some sorts. I will go into detail of each of these sections so don't worry.

    Docks usually include some sort of port for ships, a shipyard, a lighthouse, storehouse, fishers markets etc. This is a good place to start your city because it has to be on the water.

    It is a good idea to block off a large area of land for this sector.
This area will include farmhouses, silos, windmills, and of course fields. I like to create several farmhouses so it is not just one farmer for all of the farmland.

   This is the center of your city and everything that goes on in it. This area should include a marketplace of sorts. Some good buildings to havein this area are shops, bakery, town square, inn, blacksmith, tavern, church, bank, and a guild house.

    This is where everyone lives. While there may be some houses in the business sector or the shopkeepers may live in their shop, many of the people do not. So an area where a bunch of houses are is a good thing to have. You can have several of these areas possibly seperated by class. You can create a slums, a rich people area, really whatever you want. Just make sure that not all the houses are the same.

    This area is optional but some of the buildings in it are a good thing to have even if you don't have a whole section dedicated to it. IT is a good idea to scatter some of the defenses like towers. You also may choose to build a wall around your town. I would suggest doing this last as you might run out of space inside. This area could include a barracks, towers, catapults, tavern, castle, gate, archery, and rally point.

   This is where all of your stuff is made. Good things to put in this area are lumbermill, blacksmith, a mine, watermill, and smelter.

Town Hall
  This is exactly what it sounds like. It is where the leader(s) of your town is. It should probably be next to or inside the business sector so it is more towards the inside of the town. You could do a lot more with it to.You may want to make it into a castle instead. It's really your preference and depends on how large your town is.

That is it for now. Start Building if you have not already. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, or general wonderings please leave them below.

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02/03/2018 1:15 pm
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Hey! This really helped me a lot! I’m going to be making a medieval town so this has really helped me a bunch. Thanks for posting this! Your other builds will help me too.
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