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Tips For Skinmaking

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What's up!

Rogue64 here!

I'm making this blog under development because as we all know, I'm still learning! ;D
This blog mostly for beginners, since I'm not really good enough to really know what I'm talking about...
Anyway, I realized I've come a long way from my first skin, and I've noticed that I've learned a lot of useful tips along the way, so I decided I'd list them here.

Number One

Don't use the noise mode

I know, the noise mode is pretty cool. I used it a ton when I first started. But I've noticed that it gives your work that certain look that I associate with.. honestly, just not too good quality. Looking back, I realize now that I used the noise mode for everything just because I didn't know how to shade. The noise mode is a poor substitute for shading. It doesn't really look like shading, and I think all it's designed for is giving the pixels a bit of variety.

Note -- I will use the noise mode if I'm using opacity, because I find it brings out the variety when making glass and streaks of liquid.

Number Two

Take your time

This is a mistake I've been making up until recently, where I'd come up with an idea, make a skin, and publish it all in one day. This leads to me churning out parts of the skin that could be better, like the arms and legs, because most of the time I might use the cloning tool because I think that I just want to be done. Don't make this mistake. If you feel yourself getting a little bit tired of working, stop and come back in a day or so. Your work will be a lot better if you do.

Number Three

The torso is everything

I learned this recently (actually today), so feel free to judge this one. (Actually, feel free to judge all of them, let me know what you think in the comments!) The torso is the piece that really defines the skin. It's one of the parts people will see first, and everything connects to the torso. Don't underestimate it!

Number Four

The head is also everything

I know, this is kind of a contradiction, but it actually helps. When starting skins, it's always good to start with the torso or the head, because those two parts really help you know what you're making. I'll be making a skin by the arms first and by the time I get to the head I don't know what the heck I was making. So, when starting a skin, always start with the head or the torso.

Note: On rare occasions I will start a skin on the arm, since there's a recognizable part on the arm (such as a certain armband or some sort of gadget), so there are exceptions.

Number Five

Contrast (But not too much)

One thing I have seen a lot in skins that I don't consider very good is contrast. Contrast is both good and bad. It depends on the amount. For example, you can't have dark blue and then white right next to each other, it looks bad. You could have dark blue and light blue, or dark blue and purple, or dark blue and black. Dark blue and light blue are contrast, but it isn't as flamboyant and it's easier on the eyes.

There is more to come!

I am always learning, and I'm positive that I'll discover more tricks to keep me going! Until then, enjoy!

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Thank you!
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