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Tribal Infinity

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keyzlawd avatar keyzlawd
Level 32 : Artisan Spelunker
Ok so i was talking to the girlfriend.. and we like the infinity logo cause we apply it to our relationship.... like never ending ... i know right how cute are we haha xD

so im a fan of tribal style and design... so i took it upon myself, a few pieces of paper a (now worn down) rubber and a pencil to create some frankinstein combination of the two concepts.

after a few (many) retries i finally cracked into the creativeness of my brain and came up with this combinations... to which i am still proud of...

then my girlfriend had also been very creative the same night... and came up with her own design of a bird sword (but cant show you that) anyway it was good, they both were.

being young and reckless as we are in this modern age... we decided to get them as tattoo's now my girlfriends tattoo was not too big maybe an inch and a half length by inch width (no pun intended)

but now ... mine was a different story, so we got there, booked in paid the money embraced the pain and got home.

now this is my tattoo and fully my design and i am still proud and happy with it

hopes you enjoyed reading


(P.s. Theres 2 pictures)

The Drawing Before The Storm ^

The Storm V

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