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Turbozack's Diary: Chapter 1: Waking up

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Turbozack's Diary: Chapter 1: Waking up

My mind is blank, having no memory of what had happened to me. My vision start to collect as I am blinded by the rays of the hot sun
above me. I lay there, watch the sun go beyond the horizon, just waiting so anctustly for me to wake up from this nightmare, but my
efforts are pointless, becuase I can not take away the painful reality of what would seem to me like my final hours. But I do not want to
give up, there is a slim chance, a glimer of hope, that maybe, just maybe, I can make it out of this. I decide to give it a shot, knowing that
if I lay there any longer, there will certainly be no chance for me to survive. I redirect most of all the strength I have left in my body, to try
and stagger into a stance. With sweat flowing from my brow, I keep trying, and stagger to my feet. Weak, and nauseated from the lack
of food in my blood stream, I stagger aimlesly towards a large rock surface, planted inside of a hill. Placing my hand on the cold stone
to help regian my balance, I seem to be able to stand. Cuts, bruses, wounds that will take time and rest to heal, all from something,
something of which I do not know. The thoughts running through my head, scenarios of what may have happened, are destracting me
from what needs to be accomplished, I decide if I want to have any chance, I need to gather resources. Seeming to have my balance, I
give way of the stone that had helped me to stand, and walk (cautiously) over to a small tree, the trees stalk, is very thin, I reach down
and place both hands on the tree, and using what little enery I have, to break the tree out of its roots. I use the tree, to fashion tools that
should help me with my survival. I decide the first thing I need to make out of this wood I have gathered, is a small knife, perhaps to be
used for hunting and gathering food, so I don't die of starvation. I pick up a nearby loos rock, and start widdling out a sharp point
on the piece of tree I had. I hear a faint snorting off in the distance, my vision has trouble focusing on the small little pigs out in the
field, but I can make out what they are. I decide that it was time for me to get some food, so I stagger over to the pigs, and use the tool
I had crafted to gather the meat necessary for my survival. Knowing that there is no time for me to build a fire, and correctly cook the
meat, I decide to take the chance of eating it raw. Which, luckily, paid off in the end, for I did not suffer from any poisin. Not knowing what
to do next, and my strength gathering back in my body, I am now here, alone, night is falling, and I have no shelter.

The question beckens, what now?

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