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Tutorial:Building a skyscraper

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Hi guys and welcome to another tutorial. Today I am going to be showing you how to build your very own skyscrapers!! Today I am going to tackle things slightly differently than normal by starting off with a few pictureso ¦

So first things first. Skyscrapers can get really boring if there is not enough detail or its simply is to repetitive. So I am just going to show you a few images and point out what is good and bad about them.


This tower here is a classic example of your basic skyscraper. The basics to a skyscraper all have these features, An entrance at the bottom, the ground floor is taller than all the others to make a good impression and has tonnes of windows and a roof.


Here is a slightly more complex tower adding to the basic idea. Again this tower has a small hood at the bottom as an entrance and is tall, has a roof and lots of glass. However this build is slightly more interesting than the last as it is tiered into separate sections, the biggest being the bottom then gradually getting smaller. This is a good way to break up the boring look of a skyscraper. Also notice that at the end of each tier the is a metallic grill to symbolise the end of a tier.


This is a way improved version of the two before it, this one uses a large modern base as the entrance rather like a block and on top of that a garden could be placed/a place for residents to relax. This segregates the residential from the lobby. Then on top of that we have in mane tier along with two hanging off the side which makes an appealing look to the building.


Here we have your average down town skyscraper with a twist. Again it segregates the lobby from the residential by balconies in between the two towers and again uses tiers like steps for a less boring effect.


And this final one is a tower that uses a different type of tiering pushing out rather than up concealing some of the building behind to glass panes. This will look well in a collection of towers and will stand out from the rest.

The next stage now is to think of your own builds and begin planning based on what you have learned from above, namely tiers and segregation. No copyright intended to SkyscraperPage.com. So now its time to examine each building see what works well and what doesno t so you know exactly what your planning to do. Dono t forget to look on the net as well for more info!!

Figure 1 repetition however did not have a good entrance.

Figure 2 had effective tiering and detail to stop repetition

Figure 3 made good use of the tiering and emphasised the main tier rather than drawing your attention to everything

Figure 4 made good use of space but it did not brea its design up enough to make it appealing

Figure 5 had an original design but lacked the emphasis of Figure 3

So now that we have made the analysis its time to start planning for real!

Planning part 2
Now its time to get drawing out the plans based on what we found worked in the above.


So first I drew to small modern blocks either side of the main lobby, these could house things such as a small coffee shop/groceries store or the reception or perhaps the concierge/security desk. Above on top of the small cubes are to residents gardens/relaxation area or perhaps a small restaurant. Then on top of the lobby there could be another level that could be a gym. On top I drew up the main tier.this would house the elevators and the bulk of the apartments/offices. Then I added the two tiers either side these would house another set of apartments each. Below the right tier (sorry I labelled it wrong) is a porch for the underground car park. And finally I added for effect the bar on the side of each tier. On the left side of the bar you could put in numerous different designs weather it is horizontal bars or a whole star shaped pattern.

Now its time to start building after you have finished planning you need to start building. In this final phase you need to think carefully about every detail and perhaps use tools like world edit to help you build things up quicker. So thats about all I can say so just remember these few things while building:

-Keep to a set palette of blocks
-Keep a repetitive pattern
-Make it unique
-Make sure to add details to all the tiers
-Make the lobby stand out
-Make sure you think of what is in a real skyscraper and dono t stick something like a shopping mall or nuclear power station in it! Keep it realistic!

Final note

Thanks for listening, if you want to see more then Subscribe! If you think this is good then Diamond it only takes a click! Happy building! Leave your comments below!


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