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Upcoming 1.2.3 Minecraft Xbox 360 Update (continued)

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JeffMikeBobart's Avatar JeffMikeBobart
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Hey guys this is the continued update blog. All passive mobs will not despawn so trapping cows for milk wont be that hard same with sheep for their wool and chickens. Hardcore mode will be added which means if you do that then you only have one life.NO RESPAWNING!! That means when you die that world goes bye bye.The Ender Dragon will be in The End. There's going to be zombie sieges which occurs in the night and they will break down doors and eat the villagers if in hard mode. Iron golems are going to be added which protect villages and have a lot of health.Snow golems will be also added they move around and make snow and they throw snowballs.The next new mob are ocelots/cats they will scare creepers. Don't ask me why because i don't know either. Mooshrums will be added which are mushroom cow thing and they have their own special biome. Magma cubes are new and they are slimes but will be found in the Nether. Blazes will also be found in the Nether and they hurl fire at you. Lily pads will spawn in swamps. Spawner eggs will be added which are only available in creative mode and when you throw one it will spawn the named mob. Redstone lamps are going to be added which are like glowstone but need redstone to be powered. Eye of ender will be used to get to the End and crafted using the now useful ender pearls. glass bottles will be added to be used in potions. Fire charge will be added and acts like flint and steel but can be thrown. Gold nuggets are dropped by zombie pigmen and when you have 9 you can make one gold ingot. And thats pretty much it! Again this is not a full list so this is not all. Thanks for reading and uh bye?

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