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Useful Mods [v1.0.0]

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*This is not my work, I am only spreading their work throughout Planet Minecraft's community.

Some of the most useful mods created for Minecraft were updated over the week end. Too Many Items, Zombe Mod and of course Mod Loader. These mods have been floating around for quite some time and are some of the most popular mods out there.

Too Many Items
TMI gives you access to every items in the game with the click of your mouse.http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/140684-100-toomanyitems-in-game-invedit-nov-19/

Zombe Mod
This mod comes with a large list of mods that can be used either in single player or multiplayer. Gives you the options to fly, see through walls and even has an ore finder mod! Although it can be quite difficult setting it up for a amateur minecraft player, it is worth it in the end!


Mod Loader
*This mod is not needed to run the above mods.
Mod Loader is a simple mod that will give the support Minecraft needs to run specific mods out there. The above mods do not need mod loader to function correctly, although many of them out there do.

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for viewing!

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CreditMarglyph, Tanzanite and Risugami

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