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Villager Trading Tutorial

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Villager trading guide By coolepicbuilder In minecraft you can trade with npc villagers. You can go from a wheat farm to a diamond sword. First identify the villagers who have the good trades. The trades you will want are farmable things are wheat, wool, meat, sugarcane, feathers, and some ink sacs. (Leather for books, feathers and ink sacs for a book an quill to make a written book.) Building an income To build an income is making items that villagers will commonly ask for and easy things like wheat or books. Try making some profit to go on to the next step. Expanding To expand your trading, trade more so villagers will trade for more items. Also make more houses so villagers will reproduce and soon make more offers. Also buy some stuff so you can expand easier. Before the last step we need a big income and keep expanding. Try enchanting tools to keep expanding and buy stuff so you can produce more stuff like ingots or automatic wheat farms. Get what you want Now you can get what you want to trade and keep! Just keep following these 4 simple steps and you'll be wealthy and have an emerald castle! Or you can go to the end without having a nether portal!

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