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Waking the Wolves

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avatar GoggleD0GG
Level 29 : Expert Spelunker
I'm going to write poetry for half an hour, all about rising above your problems. The timer starts...now.
I'm not afraid
To die another day
I won't run away
Won't run from my fate

I feel my heart exploding
This is the best day of my life
I hear my demons crying,
Today I steal their lives.

When it's hard to keep going,
Remember the moment, so golden,
That will come
Tomorrow morning

I hear voices screaming
It's time to silence them
I see my demons crawling
I'll cut them off, they're plants without stems

This is the time of my life
For now, I have survived
One day, again there will be strife
But for now, I'll survive.

Artificial pain
Stemming from the brain
It happened so long ago
But in my brain, it's running to and fro

I can't take it
But I'll make it
Out alive

Spent so long in pain
It's hard to stay innocent
When these things rack your brain
I have to stay vigilant

I'll make it
I have to
Make it out alive
When the dark surrounds
It is far too easy
To let white come around

Anxiety replaces depression
Don't you dare let it
Become an obsession

Don't block them out
Don't let them blend
Don't give in to doubt
And start to believe it is the end.
Rise up
From the dead
Don't give in
To the thoughts in your head

Stand up
Don't lay down
Swim, don't cover up
How you feel or else you'll drown

Let it out
Breathe fire
Let it out
Take yourself higher
Let it out
Believe in desire
Let it out
Don't be no liar
Welp, time's up. I had to take a break to respond to my friends texting me, which took a bit, so it wasn't exactly a half hour. I'll leave you with this stanza about anxiety I cannot make into a poem for some strange reason.

You're a disgrace to society.
Why even aim for sobriety?

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