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Wandering Slime Adventurer

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KaiOceansword avatar KaiOceansword
Level 44 : Master Dolphin
Mysterious and searching for the Orb Of Power
Wandering Slime Adventurer
The Wandering Slime Adventurer is called Slime Boy, he has the power of the Ten Orbs and only has 9 of them. He’s currently looking for the last one, the Orb Of Power. Slime Boy can be able to defeat Alone_HAVOC, once he has the Orb Of Power...

Health: 10
Height: 1.5 blocks
Wideness: 1x1 blocks
Drops: Unknown, maybe the orbs?

Attack Methods
Orb Of Water:
1. Will shoot a water jet at you which will deal Knockback and 1 heart damage
2. Will make a wave which will do Knockback M and 10 damage

Orb Of Fire:
1. Will shoot a fireball at you which will do 5 damage
2. Will cast a raging fire which you might burn and die in

Orb Of Nature
1. Will sprout a tree from the ground which will swing around and hit you which will deal 20 damage and Knockback IV
2. Nearby trees’ leaves will reach out to grab for you, if touched will bring you back to the trunk and suffocate you

Orb Of Light
1. Will shoot a light beam at you which will deal 100 damage
2. Will light up the entire place and blind you for 1 minute

Orb Of Ender
1. Will teleport around creating clones each time when he teleports, the clones will attack you each hit dealing 5 damage
2. Will mind control any Ender mob and order them to attack you

Orb Of Sky
1. Will rise into the air and shapeshift into a Sky Dragon
2. Will shoot lightning at you which will deal 50 damage

Orb Of Minds
1. Will mind control anything in the world, which includes you
2. Will let put a mind blast which will deal Knockback IV and 100 damage and give you Nausea and Poison for 2 minutes

Orb Of Snow
1. Will throw a ice chunk at you, if hit will deal 40 damage
2. Will make nearby snow blocks and ice blocks hover and hurl them at you each block dealing 20 damage

Orb Of Defense
1. Will summon a gigantic shield which can block any attack in the world
2. Will make the wielder glow and repeal anything that hits him

Orb Of Power
1. Unknown

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06/11/2022 3:52 am
Level 42 : Master Procrastinator
Angelonasher avatar
This guy is overpowered-
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