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What I believe about Herobrine [Fan Fiction Story]

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avatar kingdomheartsfan23
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Hi all, Khfan23 with a Story about Herobrine! I don't really believe this but I do believe in Herobrine though. I did not look any of this up so don't correct me or ask me if this really happend, I just want to give you all an awesome yet kinda sad story to read! So here you go :D. P.S. The pic isn't really grate but the story is :D

What I believe about Herobrine

My Topic of this is My belief of Herobrine. You might think I'm crazy, but Herobrine is the good guy, and Notch he is the bad guy. You see Herobrine is the one who came up with the Idea of Minecraft, not Notch. Like other brothers Notch and Herobrine did not get along, Unlike other brothers they tried to Kill each other, Literally!

When Notch was 22 and Herobrine was 30, Hero died in a terrible car wreck. Herobrine told Notch about a game he said he would make when he was 31, He had a dream of a game that would let people embrace there imagination and build even more dreams. Notch stole Hero's idea and made the game Minecraft. The codes started to glitch while Notch was working on the game at home in Sweden, Notch saw stuff in the codes like words like Br01her or W7y.

Notch then knew his brother Herobrine was in the room with him, or inside the codes! Notch with his evil brother ways made a character named Steve, made the textures and all. He copied that character and replaced it with a Steve that had wight eyes, He coded it as Herobrine. But apparently Herobrine in the codes was moving to the Steve, So that's when Notch copied the code and placed it with the Steve with white eyes.

A few months later afther Notch publeshed the Bata Virsion of Minecraft, a person asked him if he had a dead brother and that he has been seeing a hostile mob with the Steve skin but white eyes. Notch lied and said that both of his brothers were alive (half and whole). The rummers started to spread and all Minecrafters knew about it and made the name Herobrine for the character. Afther Bata 1.6 Notch removed Herobrine.

It is true that he removed Herobrine but did he remove the white eyed Steve? No he didn't. Herobrine's soul was still in the game after that still taking the form of Steve, but Hero could not stand it anymore and made a different code himself, The Steve Code. It allowed Hero's Spirit to leave the character, but sadly he could not leave the game! Hero was stuck in the game because Notch made the Herobrine Code, but two copies. One copy held Herobrine's spirit in the game and the other created HIM, the HIM Code is the code Notch removed.

Herobrine had no choice to but to become HIM!

Later after the Alfa Minecraft Notch gave the game to Jeb. Jeb Never knew about the Herobrine Code, he was one of the people who thought Herobrine was removed. Herobrine was in Minecraft he tried to make friends with players, but they though it was HIM. Hero had No friends, No body, Just a character made of pixels and codes, all because of Notch.

Hero's soul still rests in Minecraft, Just in hiding waiting for someone to let him out!

"H319 M3" -Herobrine (Help Me)

06/20/2013 4:59 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Turtle
i agree lol
06/18/2013 10:14 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
;( this is very sad to be honest!
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